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  1. Vacuum packer

    What’s best recommended vacuum packer machine ? Just want it for occasionally bagging up venison fir the freezer and avoiding freezer burn. anything to consider re bags , sealing, capacity etc ?? ta !
  2. Sold: Nosler ballistic tip 7mm 150grain

    As above 7mm 150gr BT Nosler. Box of 50 bullets , opened but unused. code 28150. I think these are about £40 a box. How about £25 plus postage, or pick up near Sevenoaks, Kent.
  3. For Sale: Stoeger A30 S2 .22 air rifle 12 ft lb

    As above for sale, really very little use, only a year old. Synthetic stock. Comes with 3 to 9 x40 scope and integral suppressor , also canvas slip included. £100 , ideally face to face Kent/Surrey/ Sussex borders.
  4. Wanted: Landig game fridge or similar

    After a Landig or Huntsman game chiller, or similar, suitable for 2 to 4 fallow. What have you got ? Cash deal.
  5. Great zeiss service

    Lost an eyecap off my Zeiss bgat 7x42 and contacted gary at East Coast Binocular repairs ( zeiss Uk appointed agent) and he very kindly said ‘ in the post and no charge’ . Great service in my book! As per another post, looks like Zeiss are getting it right here in the UK. I’m certainly impressed.
  6. Fruit ready early

    Depends on where you live I guess, but down south in Kent my apples seem to be ready, maybe a month advanced. I’ve also seen a sloe bush laden with really plump sloes, bigger than anything I’ve picked previously in Oct/Nov. Any one else have similar experiences?
  7. Sold: Walther CP88 air pistol

    Walther CP88 CO2 airpistol .177, great fun bit of kit. 8 shot repeater. Tend to use my gamo .22 Rifle for plinking more and more, so not being used at all . Comes with case, instructions, 6 x8 shot magazines, silencer ( never ever used as it’s quiet enough, needs silencer fixing screw available...
  8. Sold: Stalking jackets clear out

    Ok, I have 2 stalking jackets for sale , one original Jahti Jakt Airtex size large, the other Deerhunter deertex size 56 European, which is xl. Pics below, don’t want a lot just happy to move on. £30 each posted.
  9. Difficult target for garden

    I’ve got a 30- 35 yard set up in the garden to plink with my gamo phox pcp air rifle. I’ve got metal knockdown and resettable targets and carousel moving ducks, and the little bear where you shoot his plums and then his aerosol! I like the fact it’s all resettable. Problem is, I’ve just gone out...
  10. Toilet roll shortage

    Can’t see what the fuss is with all these idiots buying up all the toilet rolls. They need to listen to the public health announcements more closely. I distinctly remember the government health advisors recommending using your sleeve.......
  11. Sold: Victory CP2 .22 air rifle/pistol combo

    Great bit of kit. Very accurate co2 rifle/ pistol. Comes with 2 upgraded 6 shot magazines by CARM, Nikko Sterling 4x32 mountmaster, moderator, pistol barrel, spare o rings, cheek piece bag. This has had the recommended breech deburred for really smooth loading and accuracy. Have bought Pcp...
  12. Best value kit?

    What’s your nomination for best value shooting/ stalking kit? Not simply cheap but more an item that’s unbeatable and delivers what it’s supposed to? my first two are: aya yeoman shotgun Mora knives
  13. Sold: Magazines for SMK Victory Cp1 CP2 air pistol

    Perfect condition. 2 x original 7 shot CP1 or CP2 magazines. .22 calibre. No longer needed. Price is for 2 magazines. Posted first class signed for. £24 incl postage.
  14. Sold: Trolling motor

    Water snake asp 24 trolling motor. Used once only this weekend. Boxed , Receipt, excellent as new condition. Great for fishing, kayak etc. Saltwater or freshwater. Grab a bargain. Pick up near J6 M25 or posted. Stock Photo £90 posted.
  15. Cheating Wayne barnes

    I know wales beat France but two tries disallowed, some marginal decisions , some knock ons not seen...what a duff referee. Give me NIGEL Owens any day! Wayne Barnes is so biased it’s unreal?
  16. Dead sled deer drag

    Had one of these some time now but never needed to use . Now it’s more difficult to get vehicle access I’ve slung this over my shoulder the last couple of times I’ve been out stalking and it’s proved to be fantastic. Easy to use, easy to clean afterwards. Deer Carcase glides over logs, mud...
  17. Sold: Swanndri ranger original NZ shirt large

    Good condition, original New Zealand made swanndri ranger shirt. Highly sought after, no longer made in NZ. Warm, comfortable, quick drying. Used but good condition . Size large, see photos for approx measurements. On eBay for £60 plus £5 p&p, offered here for stalking directory members for £50...
  18. Venison pudding

    Fallow shoulder diced , cooked with herbs , carrots, celery, onions and then put into a suet pudding and steamed for a couple of hours. Marvellous! did this a couple of years ago with fallow shanks, equally good!
  19. Knife sharpening

    Anyone know of someone in kent area who,would sharpen my hunting knifes?? Couple of cheap Moras, Puma white hunter, brusletto knife, Swiss army,...and maybe a couple of kitchen knives as well. Maybe 8 to 10 in total. Whats cost gonna be? These are all in use, no damage and have an edge ..but...
  20. Great Leica service

    Popped into Leica Mayfair yesterday with a really beat up pair of 10x25 Trinovid i’d just acquired. Eye caps were missing , pretty grubby, and unless I need specsavers, they were also out of collimation.! Chap in theshop checked them over briefly and then took them upstairs. Came down and said...