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  1. Wanted: Running boar scope with twin post reticle

    Looking for running boar/running target riflescope with the twin post reticule. Ideally something like Nickel Supra 4-16x56, but would consider other scopes, even x4 10m running target air rifle scope.
  2. Wanted: ATN Shot Trak camera

    Looking for an ATN gun mounted cam anyone wants to sell one
  3. Fox and roebuck

    End of roebuck season and a very windy day. I went woodland stalking and bumped on an unlucky fox. It was so windy he did not hear me coming and I managed to get it on film. I saw a few roe but no luck, eventually I spotted a doe and what looked like an old buck. Again, because of the wind they...
  4. Sold: Leica rangefinder

    Looking for a Leica rangefinder ideally one of the rangemaster CRF series measuring in meters.
  5. Roe doe

  6. Rut 2017

    The rut is nearly over here in Poland and probably just starting in the UK. This is what I managed to film and put together this year. Hope you like it.
  7. First stalks of 2017

    A bit of stalking woodland reds.
  8. Wild boar stalk

    Just a short video showing summer wild boar stalking in wheat.
  9. First roebuck 2016

    Been quite busy and only recently managed to get my first buck this season.
  10. Zeiss Conquest parallax knob loose

    The parallax knob on my Conquest is a bit loose and I am guessing there must be a screw somewhere just don't know how to fix it without making a mess.... Any clues?
  11. Winter woodland red deer stalking

    Finally had some frost and went out after hinds before the end of the season (15th Jan here for hinds and does) Bumped on two different groups and eventually got one that looked to be not in the best shape. Hope you enjoy it.
  12. On the does

    This time of year again. Got a couple of nice bucks this year so now's the time to take care of the ladies.
  13. One for the pot

  14. Red rut 2015

    Took couple of days off for the rut. Seen several nice stags, but shot an older cull stag, that I still considered as a nice trophy. I did not take any of the bigger master stags as I was not sure their age. It was filmed in Poland and here probably should come some explanation as why I took...
  15. Some roe rut action

    Some roe rut action hope you enjoy it. The buck was an older one going back I could have shot him many times during the rut, but every time let him go, but after the rut decided to take him, plenty of younger ones in the area to take his place.
  16. Malform

    A buck I was trying to get for couple of months doing all sorts of cock ups along the way :doh: but got it eventually. Probably best to watch on YouTube with subtitles on to see my comments
  17. Abnormal buck from peri-urban area

    This is peri-urban area with a town, motorway, but also some agricultural land in between. Plenty of deer, but also people and cars any time of day and night. I hope this shows how important good backstop is in such areas. The buck has been drying for a week, so won't dry out much more, weights...
  18. More wild boar stalking and some NV footage

    Had a chance to use Armasight NV (binoculars and a spotter) when pig hunting at night. I dont have a lot of experience with NV (cant use NV sights here) but found these very useful at night this time of year, when sows are off menu and only yearlings and male pigs can be shot. I could sex the...
  19. Another interesting cull buck

    One of my outings filmed in late May. Plenty of deer about, but mainly young and nothing worth pulling trigger. I saw only one interesting buck, couple of weeks before, but never managed to get the shot. I went to check the same area again and this time had more luck. Blaser R8 Professional...
  20. Night wild boar stalking

    One of the recent outings. Filmed through Armasight Avenger NV.