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  1. For Sale: Redding 300wsm die set

    Redding Reloading die set 300wsm. Never used. £50 posted ono
  2. Sold: 6mm bullet clearout

    Nosler Ballistic tip 160 in total £60 posted
  3. Sold: 308 bullet clearout

    3 1/2 boxes of Nosler Ballistic tips £100 posted Combined Technology Ballistic silvertip £35 posted
  4. Sold: Fortis Forester Waterproof Jacket XL

    Fortis Forester Waterproof Jacket Xl. New and still in the bag. £180 ono
  5. Sold: 6mm bullet clearout

    Hornady 100gr BTSP £20 posted Nosler 55gr Ballistic tip 250 box £85 posted sold Barnes 72gr varmintor £40 posted sold
  6. Sold: 277cal bullet clearout

    Sierra 130gr spitzer £40 posted Barnes 130gr tsx £45 posted sold
  7. Sold: 224 bullet clearout

    Hornady 55gr spsx £15 per box sold Hornady 52gr bthp match £20 sold Hornady 55gr v-max £20 per box sold Hornady 52gr a-max £30 sold Lapua 70gr scenar £30 sold Sierra 69gr hpbt match £15 only 50 in box sold Sierra 55gr spitzer £15 Sold Barnes 50gr hp varmint £30 Berger 50gr moly £15 only 60 in...
  8. Wanted: Zeiss scope cap

    I'm looking for a zeiss 50mm flip up scope cap.
  9. Wanted: Dummy launcher

    Anybody got a dummy launcher for sale?
  10. For Sale: Harkila pro hunter jacket

    Size 50 worn twice £225 posted ono
  11. Sold: Lee 50th anniversary reloading kit

    New in box never opened £100 posted
  12. Sold: Harkila pro hunter jacket

    For sale not worn prohunter jacket size 56 £250 ono
  13. Wanted: Blaser R93 bolthead

    Any right-hand Blaser R93 standard boltheads about?
  14. Wanted: Blaser R93 bolt

    Looking for a Blaser R93 Right-hand bolt.
  15. Swanndri tundra

    Anybody using the Swanndri Tundra and what do you think of it?
  16. Africa Trip 2018

    Looking at going to Africa in 2018, It will be my first time and I will be taking my girlfriend and my son who will be five then. As anybody got any recommendations?
  17. Sold: Blaser R93 270 barrel

    Blaser R93 270 barrel. Never been fired. Not screw cut fitted with open sights. £300 plus rfd-rfd if needed.
  18. solwaystalker

    Anybody got any contact details for Solwaystalker.
  19. Trophy Sheilds

    Just found this website nothing to do with me just sharing the find.
  20. which Variable power scope

    which Variable power scope would you buy?