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  1. some fallow doe shooting

  2. 375 H&H mag cz 550 BUTT PAD

    Hi all looking for some help trying to find a good butt pad for this as it kicks like a mule:shock: any ideas of were to look for one that offers a good amount of padding or if any of u no of a good butt pad regards shippers
  3. cz 550 safari magnum stock stripped

    so my mate gave me his CZ 550 safari magnum to strip for him to pre-pair it for him to refinish it
  4. Early morning with the pup

    got home from a night shift and walk in the door decided to take holly for a Early walk got these nice pic when we was out she is now 13 weeks
  5. mod fail

    so my mate was out with his 243 and when taking a shot this happened mod let go scary stuff
  6. my new hunting companion

    so the missis has treated me to a special birthday present a ESS pup she is just over 4 weeks old so have to wait until 14th feb before I can take her home. both mum and dad are working dogs so she should be write on it wen I start to train her. I am proud to give u HOLLY my new baby
  7. tikka m55 308 stock refinished

    hi all so this is my mates tikka m55 308 stock he asked me to strip for him then he done the paint job
  8. what wood is this

    hi all stripped my mates gun stock for his 17hmr and we not sure what wood it is the folks on pigeon watch think its walnut any idea
  9. when or if to shoot albino deer

    so out today got wet very wet but kept going and as me and my mate creep in the woods we see about 5 fallow doe's looking straight at us two of witch were albino, we didn't have time to scope them before they were running away but was thinking if they should be shot or not some might say bad...
  10. help! how to get rid of my cough

    HI all I am off out tomorrow deer stalking and got a very annoying cough and I need to cough every few min any ideas what will control it so i don't spook everything within a mile cheers shippers
  11. something new.

    Hi all me and a couple mates are trying to make a hunting channel and page on YouTube and Facebook please like and subscribe on YouTube and comment and look us up on Facebook under PRECISION SHOOTER and we will add you there you will finer videos of hunts we have done on the deer and fox's...
  12. How short is to short on my Howa 1500 .243

    Hi all, I have just got my self a Howa 1500 243 and was thinking of chopping the barrel down some but I am not sure what the legal limit is on a 243 and what affect this could have to things like power, will the round get enough twist before it leaves the barrel and accuracy also what rounds to...
  13. hi all new to the site

    hi, my name is mark iam a farmer in sussex and have been shooting for a long time ive been stalking deer for about 18 years and have traveled all around the world shooting them guns i have: sauer 12 gauge & .30-60 shotgun sako .22LR finnfire bolt action CZ .17HMR 452 American bolt action...