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  1. For Sale: FS Minox HG 10X43

    FS Minox HG 10x43 top line Made in Germany. Price 350gbp.
  2. Sold: Minox HG 8X33

    FS Minox HG 8X33, objective lenses with cleaning marks but they have no effect on image. Price 150GBP posted.
  3. Sold: Minox ZE5.2 3-15X56

    FS Minox ZE5.2 3-15X56 illuminated dot 4, this is a top of Minox line Made in Germany, scope is 5 months old, no signs of use except ring marks. Price 650gbp posted.
  4. Sold: Leupold LTO TRACKER 2

    Leupold LTO TRACKER 2, price 400gbp plus postage.
  5. Sold: Minox HG 8x43

    FS Minox HG 8x43 as new condition, used few times. Price 350gbp posted.
  6. Wanted: Pulsar Axion XM30 not key

    WTB second hand Pulsar Axion XM30 not key, please PM.
  7. Wanted: Blaser R93 Professional Success Stock

    Long shot but wtb Blaser R93 Professional Success Stock with or without metal work. Please PM.
  8. Wanted: Leica Trinovid BN/BA 8x32 10x32

    WTB Leica Trinovid BN/BA 8x32 10x32, please PM.
  9. Wanted: Pulsar QD112 Mount

    WTB Pulsar QD112 Mount, please PM.
  10. Sold: Steel picatinny rail Brno CZ550 555 ZKK600

    Near new condition steel picatinny rail for Brno CZ550 CZ555 ZKK600. Price 50gbp + postage.
  11. For Sale: Minox ZEI 5-25x56 Rail Mount

    FS Minox ZEI 5-25x56 Made in Germany with Zeiss rail mount, illuminated dot 4, boxed, great condition, Price 800GBP, I have mount for Blaser for 200GBP. I accept trade for smaller scope but only with rail mount, illuminated not necessary.
  12. Wanted: Pulsar Axion Key XM30

    Wtb Pulsar Axion Key XM30, please PM.
  13. Wanted: Pulsar Trail and Ultra N355

    Please PM if you have for sale Pulsar Trail and Ultra N355.
  14. Wanted: Blaser R93 Professional Success Stock

    WTB Blaser R93 Professional Success Stock with metal work or without.
  15. Sold: Delta Optical Titanium 4-16x42 or Bushnell Weaver 4-16x42

    WTB Delta Optical Titanium 4-16x42 or Bushnell Weaver 4-16x42, please PM.
  16. Sold: Genuine Blaser Mount

    Genuine Blaser Mount 1inch like new condition, price 230gbp posted.
  17. Sold: Original Blaser Mount with Picatinny Rail

    Original Blaser Mount with Picatinny Rail, price 250GBP.
  18. Wanted: Swarovski Zi 3-12x50

    Wtb Swarovski Z4i 3-12x50, please PM.
  19. Wanted: Pulsar Accolade XP50

    This is long shot but if someone has second hand Pulsar Accolade XP50 or LRF for sale please PM.
  20. Sold: Meopta 6,5-20x50

    I have for sale like new exdemo scope Meopta 6,5-20x50 with balistic reticle BDC, made in Czech Republic, incl. box and paper work. Price 410GBP posted.