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  1. Wanted: Stalking in Scotland

    I've never been stalking in Scotland but would love to organise some trips. However, there seems to be a bewildering amount of folks/companies offering trips that vary hugley in price. I'm not after an emperor or royal, more the experience of a good hike in beautiful scenery followed ultimately...
  2. What do people do with the carcases once butchered?

    I've recently had a few deer to butcher which I've done ok. However, previously I've buried in the remains (spine etc and skin) in my woods. However, it won't be long before I won't be able to do this. I know some stalkers I've been out with have designated 'bins' or containers that they simply...

    Is this a better version of the Z Aim?
  4. Anyone know why ZAim pro stalking slings are out of stock in the Uk!? Or where I can get one....

    So been recommended one of these but I cannot for the life of me find one in stock!
  5. Has anyone built a walk in cold room/larder?

    I'm thinking of building a cold room/larder area. I'm fortunate enough to have an ancient old barn that is water tight. Anyway, watched a youtube view and just wondered if anyone has built one? Big enough to hang perhaps 3 or 4 reds for example.
  6. Any one else use rubber gloves...long ones?

    I was out stalking recently and got bitten by a number of weird flies whilst gralloching two red deer. I didn't use any gloves. I saw one video on youtube where the stalker uses long rubber gloves and wonder whether anyone else recommends long sleeve gloves? A farmer I stalked with a while back...
  7. Suspended gralloch.

    I'm a novice too and really appreciated RM's post. I've been out with experienced stalkers who have all used a variety of methods to gralloch - a few on the ground and also a few suspended (in a farmyard on one occasion off a tractor). I went out last week on my own for the first time and had a...
  8. Roe Territory size

    Thanks everyone for the replies so far. Really helpful. Have downloaded the articles from Willie_Gunn, and the French study is superb. WIll keep an eye out for the RP book too.
  9. Roe Territory size

    Hi I regularly walk in the woods and fields near to where I live and often spot bucks and does. I have always wanted to know approx. what size territories do these deer have? There are two or three bucks in the area along one small valley and so I can't work out if they all roughly live on the...
  10. Vac pac tips

    Yes my thoughts.
  11. Vac pac tips

    So if anyone is interested these are the sort of things I was thinking of using: Butcher soaker absolrbant pads
  12. Reusing the plastic bullet clips

    I had no idea there would be so much interest in the clips. I've got 5x clips for 30-06 / 270. Promised the .243 ones to someone else! PM me if you're interested.
  13. Reusing the plastic bullet clips

    I didn't think of advertising them either as I wouldn't have thought people would want them. Will do that in future though. I have kept all my brass so have a whole box of the stuff!
  14. Reusing the plastic bullet clips

    Thanks so much for this. I hadn't even thought of that - firelighters. Much much happier now!! :)
  15. Reusing the plastic bullet clips

    Hi I use RWS and Norma factory loads and the bullets come in the plastic clips/mags in the box. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do with these other than simply throw them away? My weekly recycling collection won't accept them! Interesting to note that the manufacturers are heavily...
  16. Vac pac tips

    Thanks for all the replies. The meat is hung for a few days and properly bled. Maybe it wasn't cold enough. However, I'll invest in some of the absorbant pads I think. I read an online article about them and coincidentally just read an article in the BASC magazine!
  17. Vac pac tips

    Hi I’ve just bought a vac pac machine and so far have butchered and packaged three deer using it. Happy with the vac sealing etc but there is a liquid run in the bag as the air comes out. Doesn’t really bother me but I give away a bit of venison and was thinking about selling a small quantity...
  18. For Sale: Fallkniven F1 knife with custom bog oak handle

    Hi Thanks. I do still have it and would take £125 for it posted. Cheers Ant