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  1. For Sale: Projectiles Barnes & Hornady

    PM sent
  2. For Sale: Chrony Beta Chronograph + Printer

    Hi, Links don’t work for me for some reason. However I’ll take the package. PM sent
  3. For Sale: AICS Arctic Warfare Stock, KRG Bolt Knob, 20MOA Rail for Remmington 700 .308 action

    For sale is a Accuracy International Chassis System stock in Arctic Warfare design, was used with my former Remmington 700 SPS Varmint .308. Comes with 1x AI 10 round mag and 1x Non-OEM mag holds 9/10 rounds. KRG Bolt Knob - Tactical handling and lager size than standard knob. 20MOA 200mm...
  4. Sold: SOLD

  5. Sold: SOLD

  6. Sold: SOLD

    Offers welcome! Treat yourself for Christmas.
  7. Sold: SOLD

    Almost new, taken out of box, attached TIER ONE mounts and mounted to rifle. Rifle was sold separately and now this beautiful scope is collecting dust! It is one serious bit of kit and to be honest, far too advanced for my novice shooting skill level. This will suit those that have a lot more...
  8. Wanted: Mossberg Maverick 88 Accu-Chokes

    Anyone have any spare or un-wanted Accu-Chokes that fit the Mossberg Maverick 88? Also fit the Mossberg 500 I’ve been told. Would like a full set or even just singles? Thanks
  9. Sold: Vortex cantilever 2-inch offset 30 mm mount

    Hi I’ll take this please. Can you PM your payment details. Thanks Tim
  10. For Sale: BULLETS

    O look another shop I’ve come across using this term too.
  11. For Sale: BULLETS

    They do like to throw a toy out the pram.....
  12. For Sale: Mint Sako Quad Varmint 22LR with Zeiss Scope

    Price for rifle without scope please?
  13. For Sale: Anschutz Match 54

    Please text, call or WhatsApp if easier. 07983511007 Just got my variation back today! Tim
  14. Sold: Bullets

    An explanation was asked and one was provided, this does not equate to pride. I shall in future use the correct terminology to prevent frustration amongst the more knowledgable members and maintain the expected standard. And yes I am new to re-loading which I enjoy learning about and this...
  15. Sold: Bullets

    I think it was the actual envelope that gave way!
  16. Sold: Bullets

    Our fellow club seniors always refer to bullets as heads and it’s rubbed off. Yes I know the true term is a bullet, but the majority of joe public thinks a bullet is the complete cartridge. Often in the club or on the range they would ask “what heads you using?” Horses for courses [emoji847]
  17. Sold: Bullets

    Hi I have just had my .30 cal heads hand delivered by local officers in a weapons tube [emoji1787] The jiffy envelope tore and bullets discovered by postal staff who then panicked and called police. Could I advise that the packages be reinforced with tape? Thanks for the heads [emoji1360]
  18. Sold: Bullets

    Hi Can I take the S&B 147gr please? Please PM for payment details. Thanks