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  1. Out of Season Red Stag- Scotland

    I just love the red stag; saw my fist at the age of 5; shot one at the age of 8 :)
  2. The Misses is properly after me!

    This is a very funny post, poor you!
  3. Fjallraven & 5.11 Tactical Trousers and Lowa Boots

    Found a really great place in Gloucestershire that sells Fjallraven & 5.11 Tactical Trousers and Lowa Boots; i would not normally bring something like this up on here, only the prices were so much lower than other places; £30-£40 lower on some products! Anyway, i placed a test order (511...
  4. A dirty subject!

    My father always taught me in Germany many years ago that you should never wash your shooting clothing. dry it out and brush it off :)
  5. Dogs Water Bowl

    lol :)
  6. hello

    hello i am from Bristol and have been shooting for 15 years, mainly in Germany and Norway where i grew up