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  1. Scope wont zero

    Return to vendor.
  2. God’s own bullet weight for God’s own calibre.

    My Tikka will print tiny groups with 55 grain Vmax, 55 grain Nosler Varmegedon as well as the lighter 40 grain Vmax. If you are sure you will only use factory cartridges try as many weights and makes as possible until you find a round your rifle prefers. Its the only way to get the best from...
  3. Regular suppressor on rimfire rifle?

    I wouldnt worry to much about unburned power in a rimfire moderator. I use an Atech and a Sak without issues . they are taken of after use and treated to a squirt of WD40 with no ill effects.
  4. Pard 007 Scope choice

    Yip. I tried a 007 on an IOR and it was not great. this seems to be the case with best quality German or Austrian glass. Good low mag Japanese scopes seem to work best. my Sightron S111 is very good but has a bit to much magnification for finding targets. The better Stac models are as good as...
  5. Recommend me a scope

    Optics warehouse has the 6-24×56 IOR at just over a grand. Great scope at twice the price.
  6. FOX bullets load development

    Morning chaps. It is looking very much like lead projectiles are going to be replaced in the near future by copper alloy bullets, perhaps very soon for animals shot for consumption and I have been cutting back on my stock of my lead favourites. Mike at Ythan Fieldsport Supplies just north of...
  7. Mitsubishi 4X4

    With regards to snow. I fitted mud and snow terains to my short wheel base Pinin and was surprised at how well it performed in deep snow. On one night in particular the roads to our foxing ground were blocked for several weeks with three to four feet of the white stuff so when the road was...
  8. Best foxing calibre

    Over the years I have shot hundreds of our little fury friends with many calibres from 22 subs, 17 VT, 222R, 223R, 22-250R, 243W and 270W. my nephew eased the passing of a sick one with a .177 12 fp airgun and it went down without a twitch at 35 yards. my fox rifle is a 243W shooting 56 or 75...
  9. New Highland Calibre - What to go For

    270 is the traditional Highland round. The 275 Rigby or 7-57 M as an excellent choice for all deer species and the odd few hundred elephant.
  10. Shotgun reloading

    I no longer reload for shotgun the reason being I no longer shoot geese. I found that for game loads there were no savings over factory loads but 3" magnum shells could be made for a fraction of the cost of factory ones. I used a Lee load all which worked well but finished the case with a roll...
  11. The age old question.....which scope?

    As previously said any decent European or Japanese optic will do the job. Low mag for walking the woods ie closer range work, mid range works well on the hill and higher mag for target / varmint work, and load development. If you intend using an ir add on for night work go low mag with Japanese...
  12. Busting the myth of camouflage clothing

    Some camo clothing has a bit of a shine and these are best avoided. This is why a drab tweed is so good on the hill or anywhere else for that mater. As said previously movement or lack of it is much more important than wearing the latest in vogue camo patern.
  13. shooting gloves recommendations

    Seal skin. Had a pair for years used a lot and still waterproof. They have the bend back trigger finger as well.
  14. Mitsubishi 4X4

    The Pinin is a capable 4x4 and is not to bad on peterol. My one served me well and got me places where larger vehicals would fear to tread. Check front wings for rust as the design is such that mud gets to the inside of the wings. Check the fuel tank for perforations as a replacement is...
  15. Zeiss glass

    Glass quality, there is little difference as can be said for most brands with best quality glass. The larger objective will help in poor light if the magnification is the same.
  16. scopes is ffp worth it

    For long range dialing I prefer SFP, if you aim off with the stadia the FFP scopes make a lot of sense. If you go for FFP you are best to look for a fine ret so as not to obscure the target at high mag.
  17. Non FTCH working labs

    Please dont mistake a dogs neurotic disposition to being well bred. Indeed a well bred dog should be less inclined to phisical or mental problems than one of poor breeding. Trial and working lines are bred for nose, working instinct and trainability. Any good gundog breeder will have their dogs...
  18. Available: Gundog training classes and one on one coaching.

    If anyone in Aberdeenshire is looking for a bit of help with their gundogs Meadowbank gundogs are holding classes in assosiation with Ythan Field Sport Supplies and Schivas estates in the beutifull grounds of Scivas house estate. Private coaching to get the best from your dog is is also...
  19. S20

    Had a good look at a chums S20 that is waiting for him at Ythan Field Sports supplies. I rather like it and look foreward to printing some groups when he gets his long overdue variation. Balance is spot on with a Wildcat fitted. The rifle certainly looks good to my eyes and feels good in the...
  20. 222 REM options

    I have the 20" Tikka varmint in a GRS stock and it shoots tiny groups dowd to 0.16" @ 100 yards with 40 , 50 and 55 grain Vmax and Nosler btips.