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  1. Chuffed with my Blaser R93 with Border Barrel and GRS stock by Paddy Dane

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to Paddy Dane of Dane & Co for the excellent job he did with my Blaser R93 in .243. Purchased an early R93 with an ageing .243 barrel Paddy fitted the 1/8 twist 27" Border Barrel on the stub of the old barrel and then after a lot of work made the GRS stock...
  2. 375 zeroing approval

    Hi ive recently got permission for a 375 H&h and purchased one a couple of weeks ago. My certificate reads '375 H&H is not to be fired in the UK' this is pretty clear. I wanted to get it put on my European Firearms Pass aswell as getting permission to zero with solids and expanding where...
  3. Vhit N160 for .375 H&H

    Hi Any idea as to the suitability of N160 with a 300gr soft point (not too fussed on head type so open to suggestions). Have a few Kilos of the stuff for the 300 WM and it would be nice to be able to use it on my .375. Many Thanks Sean
  4. Taking my rifle on a shooting holiday to Canada

    Chaps, I'm going to Canada in September and want to take my .300 wm & ammo with me. I have a port of embarkation on my firearms cert for the rifle. I have had correspondence with the department of small business services and they weren't a massive help. What do I need to do this end and the...
  5. Semi auto shotgun

    Chaps Thinking of getting a benelli 5 shot minimum on my FAC. Is pigeon shooting and other pest control enough grounds for getting it. I'm with the MET have a .22lr .223 & .300 win mag all approved on the ground i shoot on. Will the firearms officer need to come visit? Cheers S
  6. Schmidt and Bender Hungarian or Zeiss Duralyt?

    Chaps I'm torn between getting a S&B fixed power hungarian 6x42 or the zeiss duralyt 3-12x50. Which one should I go for, they are the most I can afford (get into the overdraft for!). Any other suggestions? Cheers S
  7. 300 win mag loads VH 160

    Does anyone reload 300 win mag if so have you got any load and trim length suggestions for 180 grain nosler partitions I'm using 250 large rile magnum primers and federal brass. Strictly for deer (fallow and roe) 100-200 yard work currently using 70 grains on a rem 700 sps. Many Thanks Sean
  8. Muzzle Break

    Chaps I've got a Rem 700 300 win mag and it kicks like a mule. Does a muzzle break reduce this considerably (40%+?) and has anyone got and affordable recommendation? Below is a photo of the gun, a thin barrel as you can see so anything too chunky may look slightly silly. Cheers S
  9. When does your rifle legally become a new rifle through modification

    I'm pretty new to all of this but say you knacker the barrel of the one of your rifles or want a new one (barrel) what stage of modification does it become a new gun? providing you only add component parts, can you literally change the whole gun in a piecemeal approach proving one of the...
  10. .300 win of firearms cert

    Chaps A quick question. My firearms cert gave me permission to acquire a .300 win. In the end I went for a .300 win mag but would I have been able to purchase a .300 win short mag? My certificate did likewise for .22 and .223. not specifying .22lr or .223rem is this commonplace? Cheers S
  11. Alternative to a tumbler for cleaning brass

    Chaps. Do you have a cheap (likely to be lying round the house) method of cleaning brass. I'm not doing many at a time so doesn't need to be highly efficient. Cheers S
  12. Reloading for Beginners

    Chaps I want to start reloading .300 win mag rounds and .223 rem used brasses. I've got plenty of brasses all in good nick. Any links you have to good full kits at a price a young bloke like me could afford would be appreciated. If you're flogging gear that is surplus to your own requirements...