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  1. Knife for scraping hides/pelts in preparation for tanning

    What's the best suited knife for removing flesh, fat and other unwanted material from the underside of hides before they undergo tanning? There's a good variety of knives that seem suitable from a quick search. I'm leaning towards an Ulu knife but I'm interested to hear other opinions Cheers
  2. Shooting Vehicle insurance incl modifications, who do you use

    By modifications I mean non-road tyres, winches, skid plates, extra lights, sump/diff guards etc. Stuff that gives you peace of mind on rough ground. Looking to do some work on my car in the future and I want to keep everything above board. Seen lots of good stuff about Flux and NFU on LandyZone...
  3. Wanted: Western Highlands get-away suggestions for April

    The last few years in a row myself and a group of blokes like to disappear off up to the Western Highlands for a week on a sea/loch fishing. We are very fond of the area in and around Oban, Loch Etive, Loch Fyne, Kyles of Bute, Loch Awe and The Trossachs so quite a large area! Normally we'd book...
  4. 12G Cartridge suggestion for ducks

    What are people using for a general-use duck cartridge? I did do a bit of searching but this gave me more questions than answers. I have some 36g #1 3" which I suggest may be a bit much for Mallards etc, I also have some equivalent #3 shot which I'm leaning towards, will be shot through a 1/2...
  5. Is PARD still king?

    New foxing/rabbit permission which hopefully will lead to deerstalking down the line, want to invest in an addon unit and join the modern day. Is pard still king of these? Using on a 243 16mm or 12mm? What's going on with the in-built illuminator now? I heard it was turned off through software...
  6. Taylor's Knockout Factor

    Anyone heard of this before? It's a formula which is supposed to give a better idea of knock-down powder than a simple muzzle energy value. It's the first I've heard of it but it's been around for 70 years which means people probably don't give it much credence or don't know about it! The...
  7. Wanted: Duck/Geese day

    Looking for a day wildfowling, fancy some wild duck or goose this winter. Not after a formal event, would take a day on a flight pond! Interested in pretty much any chance on the ducks.
  8. Load developed, great results

    The last week has been a blast, dipping my toe into reloading for the first time. Lots of knowledgeable folks on here and outside of SD have guided me through the process and really made it a (mostly) smooth and enjoyable process. As a little bit of closure to my recent string of posts I thought...
  9. Season 1 of MeatEater getting uploaded to YouTube?

    MeatEater channel has just posted this Perhaps the rest of the season to follow? Never watched season 1, bonus :D
  10. Final reloading hurdle question! Over max COAL

    The next episode in my reloading journey has presented a question which to me, does not have an easy answer but perhaps the more experienced reloaders on here may be able to point me to it! I have measured the maximum C.O.A.L length by: Closing the action (bolt stays cocked), inserting a...
  11. Stuck case...

    :rolleyes: It's been a baptism of fire so far Any ideas for this one? Cannot separate case from shellholder/ram, cannot separate case from FL resizing die, expander ball is in case neck, but decapping rod is unscrewed
  12. Case length tolerance

    Wondering what people's tolerance on case length is before trimming? Put my once-fired brass through the full-length die and expected to trim it, measured an unfired Sako brass which was 2.045", my brass was all around 2.040 give or take a few thousands. My question is are people worried about a...
  13. Anyone got a Land Rover diagnostics tool? Around Warwickshire

    Looking to have a diagnostics tool plugged in to my shooting vehicle to help me pin down some dashboard lights, anyone got one around Warwickshire? Don't mind a bit of a drive. ISO9141 and KWP2000
  14. Do you measure your charges by volume or weight?

    Putting together a reloading shopping list, keeping it simple for now with a Lee Loader. That comes with a powder measure using volume. I've seen some guys doing it by weight instead. Realistically how much difference does it make at sensible hunting ranges? If relevant it is for .243W and...
  15. Stars in the Sky

    For those of you that are the thoughtful type and fans of Steven Rinella, there is an hour long film in Netflix called Stars in the Sky which is a great watch and helps vocalise what many of us think and feel about hunting and shooting. Pleasurable watch with great cinematography
  16. General-use Shooting Backpack, what are you using?

    Faithful roe sack just broke after years of dutiful service. I am in the market for a replacement backpack I will use it for carrying pigeon decoys, small game, cartridges etc. What are people using? Not sure if I fancy another roe sack I prefer canvas and leather 👍
  17. Red dot/Reflex sight on a combo gun thoughts

    I'm toying around with a short-range gun which is a .308/12B Baikal Combination. I love it. It's short and pointy, lightweight and a dream to shoot. One issue I'm having is with the irons as they are blade and post style it is quite difficult to keep them aligned when wing shooting as my front...
  18. Gun porn from TGS - Holloway & Naughton @Holts

    For your viewing pleasure
  19. First time brewing... Success! (Write up)

    Little write up about my recent delve into brewing. Pleasantly surprised by the quality of product I've got from a little bit of hard work and hopefully one or two of you reading this might decide to jump in. Very straight forward process if you follow the right procedure. Very fortunate round...