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  1. big cats uk

    lets see who has a genuine sighting of a big cat, there have been a few posts over the years from regular posters on here with their accounts .trouble is these threads get filled with joking and naysayers ! If you have had an encounter post it up for us to read and please no pi33 taking or...
  2. Swiss have banned ibex hunting to non residents
  3. A well.versed letter
  4. Wanted: S&b precision hunter

    As above
  5. Stolen springer

    Lads a nursing springer bitch and her 7 pups were stolen in ireland a few days ago Bitch has been found 120 miles away from home dumped but with her microchip cut out Ill try and post some pics later of the pups they are well marked and i would think unidentifiable , this is getting out of hand...
  6. drew pritchards smock

    watched an episode this evening of salvage hunters the main man had a green wax smock (possibly a barbour by the zip pull but maybe not it wasn't a longshoreman) anyone an idea of what it is
  7. Dominic Cummings clash fan or not ??

    i wonder is he :-|
  8. For Sale: Anschutz 525 10 round .22LR magazine x2

    2 mags used 35 each posted or 65 for the two posted
  9. words fail me

    What was she doing working in her condition , my heart goes out to her family
  10. Tetanus in a pup

    Anyone been through this with a pup , its 16wks old , hime diagnosis st the moment but vets 1st thing in the am
  11. For Sale: boyds classic laminated stock ruger 77 m11 r/h

    grey (pepper)laminate stock factory barrel channel for short action brand new in the box 200+p&p
  12. For Sale: border lakeland bitch pups

    pups born 13th may 6 to pick from fermanagh northern ireland , will be microchipped and vaccinated before sale pm for more details
  13. run!!!!!!

    when did we start 'running' rifles and scopes as opposed to using them ? is this an americanism or just modern lingo
  14. Thoughts gentlemen please
  15. fenn legality?

    mk4 mk6 are they still legal to use or are they not
  16. Wanted: border lakeland /fell /border bitch wanted

    pup or sapling wanted red or black/tan prefferred
  17. proof

    Whats the procedure about getting a rifle proofed ,i have been living in ROI for years and got a rifle re barreled there ,there is no requirement or facility to proof after such work in ROI . im going to be moving back to northern ireland in the near future and want to bring this rifle with me...
  18. foxy loxy

    Fantastic, Mr Fox! Why a Kilkenny farmer brings his family of TAME foxes home -
  19. game/feed bag

    i had for many years a couple of old postmas bags i used to hand feed (they hold a good two 3glln bucketfulls of wheat) and as game bags :eek:they were heavy canvas with a double strapped flap the bag was single compartment , they have succumbed to old age and i can't find anything like it on...
  20. more scumbag poaching

    SHOCK AS STAGS FOUND SHOT AND DUMPED IN DONEGAL COUNTRYSIDE | Donegal Daily one island different seasons :suss: and the result