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  1. For Sale: McMillan stock Remington s/a

    For sale McMillan stock Fits a Remington 700 short action footprint. Also suitable for Remington clones £385 posted
  2. Wanted: wsm AI mag

    As per title, I'm on the lookout for a magazine in WSM cartridge size. Feel free to contact me on what you have. Thanks in advance! 👍
  3. For Sale: Schmidt and Bender 3-12x50 Klassik

    For sale Schmidt and bender 3-12x50 Klassik A8 ret (duplex) Perfect glass First focal plane reticle £650 Ono posted Has been refinished with cerakote
  4. bolt face diameter increase

    Hi guys, I have a bolt which may need opening up on the bolt face. Any serious recommendations on who could do the job?
  5. For Sale: Full Custom rifle 6x47 Lapua

    For sale Valkyrie rifles custom rifle, built by Dave Wylde. Single shot action Small firing pin Fluted bolt 20moa rail available Bartlein barrel 1-8" twist with an invisible thread protector. Jewell trigger McMillan A5 stock Will shoot anything from 55gr to 108gr bullets Redding Dies -...
  6. Wanted: 308 Wilson/Redding dies

    I'm on the lookout for dies for my buddy who is starting out reloading. Any .308 L.E. Wilson seating die, and Redding FL bushing die
  7. sako 75 preferred calibre?

    If you had the choice of a sako 75 in any calibre, what would you pick? Is 6.5 creedmoor still top of the tree?
  8. Wanted: howa long action mounts

    As per above, I'm looking for either mounts, or a rail for a howa long action. What do you have? 👍
  9. cerakote and proof

    My buddy approached me with a question - When you have a rifle duracoated/cerakoted, and it comes back to you and you can't see the proof marks, is it out of proof (even if it has been to proof and passed).
  10. the Corona effect...

    Given the circumstances of the moment, the brain gets creative... I've been on the lookout for a nice piece of wood for my Remington clone that's made from steel, not stainless. In its past, it's been cerakoted... So with this in mind, I've had thoughts of "what if carlsberg made Corona beer...
  11. cerakote removal

    I have a rifle that is chromoly steel which has a cerakote finish. I would like to change this back to a deep blue finish. How difficult is it to remove the cerakote, what sort of finish will I expect underneath, and what sort of remedial work would be required to get it back to a high shine...
  12. 308 Brass stamp enquiry

    With refining all my reloading equipment, I've found 150 odd of these - T 308 stamped brass Any ideas on value, and what exactly they are? Some where in my addled brain, I thought they were RWS or something.
  13. Wanted: Remington wooden stock

    Any Remington's ADL (not a floor plate model) wooden stocks for a short action (right handed) out there?
  14. Wanted: 6.5x55 ammo

    Any spare/unwanted 6.5x55 ammo in the Scottish central belt, at a reasonable price?
  15. Black Friday deals?

    Any up and coming black Friday deals with stores/shops any one knows of?
  16. Bore scope

    I've recently came across (and bought) a usb bore scope from Amazon. It's advertised as a bore scope and was £50. I was sceptical at first, due to cost etc. It arrived in a simple box, but in two minutes once I downloaded the app, I got to see the condition of the bore.... Definitely worth the...
  17. Sako 75 valuation

    Before I advertise a rifle for sale, I don't see many for sale nowadays like this, and so hard to gauge the price. I have a sako 75 243 hunter that was zeroed, and then put away. Intrinsically, it's brand new...
  18. factory ammo, custom gun?

    With my buddy over tonight, we are having a to-and-fro regarding larger calibers for deer and boar etc and the concept of who runs factory ammo in a custom gun? For me, this was brought about, due to the wife is expecting, and time will be short for doing both shooting and reloading. With this...
  19. Moderator or barrel re- thread

    As per the title, if you have bought a rifle with out a moderator and you realise that the moderator you have doesn't fit, do you recut the muzzle threads if you have "enough" barrel length or buy a new moderator. There's obviously a big difference in potential cost if you buy a new moderator...
  20. Wanted: Moderator M17

    I'm on the lookout for a M17 thread sound moderator, end of barrel, not over barrel type. Feel free to contact me with what you have.