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  1. Moving to canada

    Recently our family being considering moving to Canada. They visited it before but I haven't. My main concern is if I will eventually will be able to hunt there. The location is yet unknown, I would rather live closer to the woods and mountains. And be away from the cities. It would be a dream...
  2. Skull mount and measuring

    How do you guys preferred your skulls mounted? For measure, would you keep full skull, jaws and teeth ? I am in dorset where can I take my skulls for measuring? I've been told one of my old roe buck skull could be a medal :)
  3. Hornady seating die problem. Neck inwards

    I've head the manual, watched many videos but this keeps on happening ?
  4. Scales for reloading?

    I've just started reloading. I have a lee scale which I find it very fiddling. Has any one had any success with an electronic scales instead ? Recommendations are welcome Thank you
  5. Long shot dorset

    This is a "long shot" I've bought a new scope and rings and for my luck at the same time I lost the privilege of zeroing on my permission due to neighbor moaning last time I have a play, now I can only stalk. On my other permission i can only stalk and not "mad" shot as it's close to...
  6. Fox caller recommendations

    I've never owned or played with one them speaker fox caller thing. I'm interested in getting one but too many option with function I am not sure about. Could you guys please advise me on what functions is a must have and recomend me one. (Preferably a budget one unless if it is really worth...
  7. For Sale: Utg steel 34mm scope mount

    Utg steel 34mm picatinny scope mount 34mm high so I believe it's a high mount. I need short 26mm mounts for 34mm tube £55 Wanted : tier one mounts
  8. I am the worst deer stalker there ever was.

    I must be the worst deer stalker ever. Have you ever been stalking deer but instead you're the one who gets stalked by a deer? Well I have. This sunset 17:45 i went out to one of my perms at 17:00 I took cover between the middle hedge of two pockets, had the wind in my favour and well...
  9. Dorset shooting range ??

    I've searched but I am looking for recommendations. I would like to start going to a shooting range to practice shoots 300+. Anyone can recommend a place in dorset please ?
  10. Storm and deer behaviour?

    Not have been out stalking in stormy or high winds weather. I wonder what are the sika and roe behaviour in such weather? Whilst walking the dog in the woods today. For the second time I spotted a herd of sika, not sure if they were feeding, bedding or taking shelter. Only saw after they...
  11. Honestly opinion on Swarovski Z6 5 - 30 x 50 BT

    I've just been offered this scope. I initially was after a ior recon, delta Stryker, vortex pst gen2. You can see what style scope I like. However have always heard Swarovski being on of the best and very popular on the stalking community. I thought I might give this one a go. I don't know...
  12. Feeding deer ?

    What Could I use to feed/attract deer back in that could be found in a equestrian? Barley hey etc ? Or what should I get ? What's the legality or feeding to shoot? Thank you
  13. For Sale: Weihrauch hw100 .22 carbine +

    For sale is my hw100 .22 sub 12ft carbine lots spent. It's a 2 year old rifle. Well looked after. Very accurate. Pellet on pellet. 50 yards same hole. It has had upgraded seals and regulator + a new cylinder by RAT Works engineering. Fills up to 250 bars now + increased shots per fill and...
  14. For Sale: Hw100 carbine .22 air rifle

    For sale is my hw100 .22 sub 12ft carbine lots spent. It's about 2 year old rifle. Well looked after. Very accurate. Pellet on pellet. 50 yards same hole. It has had upgraded seals, serviced and rat works regulator. New lighter cylinder by RAT Works engineering. Fills up to 250 bars now +...
  15. Rifle transport and away

    Evening all. I'm going to devon from dorset to do some work in a farm where me and the farm will also be doing some shooting. What's the legality about taking my rifle and shotgun with me away for a week ? On the way back I also would be visiting my brother for couple of night
  16. Rut season what to do !

    On my 17 acres grounds I have spotted a big sika stag surrounded by hinds. I have yet to shoot my first stag and I'm very tempted to cull this one, but I eat all I shoot so= How much longer should I wait until the meat goes back to it's normal taste ? (You know what I mean) Could the stag go...
  17. Deer shot placement

    I'm sure this question has been asked billions of times but I'm having a hard time with so many mixed opinions. Every occasion will influence on where you would shoot a stag. I haven't been stalking for many years but most of my shots was neck shot, where the deer stayed down. Some...
  18. Classified

    I've been a member for over 30 days and have over 30 posts why can I use the classified to sell things yet? Please help
  19. .17hmr weird grouping

    Just been playing with my cz455 .17hmr Target set at 100 metres Most All grouping were exactly the ones on the photo below. Average wind of 23mpr. Between me and the target was a valley. I was shooting with the wind and not against or cross wind. I've also done a clean barrel test (where...
  20. Nightforce shv VS Hawke frontier

    I've been offered these scopes brand new for the same price and extra £100 off on top off original price. (Not from optic warehouse but they are these exactly scopes) Nightforce is not illuminated and fixed focus Hawke is illuminated with side focus I looked through both and for my eyes I...