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  1. Nasty head injury

    Similar vein, was surprised when I cut a disc out of the base of a 6-pt Sika skull just how thick it was - 15mm:oops:
  2. Nasty head injury

    Found this hole in the back of the skull after boiling out a cracking muntjac buck - my take was it was probably a genetic/birth defect but I have always wondered if it came from a fight:-|
  3. Equipment insurance

    No experience of claims but I recently saved a lot of money by separating my high value guns, thermals, binos, etc from the household insurance. Sum of both much less than originals and Firearms are with a specialist insurer on a new-for-old basis. Happy but have yet to press to test!
  4. Cancer question?

    Don’t fret! Thankfully, I’m in full remission following a NET cancer which mercifully announced its presence in my appendix by bursting it! No issues with Avon & Somerset FEOs about retention of my firearms or subsequent renewal despite some initial stress following diagnosis and then worries...
  5. Christmas Lights

    Spot the target reminder:cool:
  6. Butchering course

    Chris Brooks is running another soon I believe over in Suffolk I think - was up on Deer Stalking UK FB page.
  7. SmartRest Quad Rest where to buy?

    I have one imported from the US - Pm me
  8. ATN or Thermion Thermal Scope - Need advice

    Love my Thermion XM38 :thumb:
  9. Wellies!

    Bought a pair, delivered at the weekend, very impressed. Good fit, full zip and a nice vibrant sole. Very happy for the price paid!
  10. Flush Cups for QD Sling Mounts

    Grovtec - eBay, Google :thumb: Best to go for the limited rotation ones IMHO
  11. Flush Cups for QD Sling Mounts

    Grovtec - eBay, Google :thumb:
  12. Which Quad?

    But the carrying frame is very specific - I’ve never seen another and it looks exactly what I’d design for the job.
  13. Sold: Boxed Hunter Balmoral Full Zip Wellington Boots Size 10 - £75 Posted

    Happy to take BACS or PayPal Friends and family - pm me for details if you’d like to buy :thumb:
  14. Sold: Boxed Hunter Balmoral Full Zip Wellington Boots Size 10 - £75 Posted

    Hi Bought these in Febuary and wore then roughly 5 times. I found them too big for me and quite stiff - I do not know whether they will soften with time/use. They have a full length sealed zip on the outside with a press-stud holder at the top, a cracking pair of commando-style vibram soles...
  15. Which Quad?

    Chris Brooks uses these when he's up on Arran collecting our shot animals - quite impressive but I bet they are costly :rolleyes:
  16. Which Quad?

    Tried several flimsy plastic ones from Quad Bikes Wales etc, before coming across these on a RAU Lantra course where the instructor loaded up front and rear boxes with multiple 5 litres water-filled containers to demonstrate heavy laden handling characteristics - they are bombproof and are...
  17. Which Quad?

    I cannot recommend the Honda TRX420 enough! My only regret is that this one does not have PAS:confused:
  18. Wanted: Vorn Lynx rifle backpack

    Great choice - you will not be disappointed :thumb: