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  1. Sold: Sako 75 with Border stainless fluted barrel

    Great rifle. Even I shot well with it
  2. Any Town Planners / Planning Officers on here please....

    Sure thing, i've been involved in some at work (land buyer for a developer rather than a town planner) feel free to pm me
  3. Enclosing wild deer

    Perfectly legal. Tag them once they are in and they would become your property I would imagine
  4. Shooting over ground you dont own???????????????????????????

    A freeholder technically earns from the heavens to the centre of the earth. The civil aviation act was passed as planes were regarded as trespass and they had to create a law to get around it. So it's trespass
  5. For Sale: Our new blaser r93/r8 knurled aftermarket bolt knob

    Nice bit of kit. Quick to arrive and well made
  6. Blaser R93 is Retired

    27" Border Barrel fitting to old r93 .243
  7. Who would you most like to go for a pint with ?

    Which one, both have experience with firearms i believe
  8. Chuffed with my Blaser R93 with Border Barrel and GRS stock by Paddy Dane

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to Paddy Dane of Dane & Co for the excellent job he did with my Blaser R93 in .243. Purchased an early R93 with an ageing .243 barrel Paddy fitted the 1/8 twist 27" Border Barrel on the stub of the old barrel and then after a lot of work made the GRS stock...
  9. Lyme park fallow culled

    Agreed on their land their say
  10. Moving to New Zealand

    Sis has just moved out there. Firearms laws seem to be sensible. Do a test and then you're good to go. I think!
  11. which custom action?

    I would recommend Paddy as well, great attention to detail and an honest nice chap
  12. 300 Win mag Moderator

    ASE Ultra AU S series. Mine is stamped up to .338
  13. Re-Stocking, any recommendations Visa tråd - Husqvarna 1900,16-40,1600,640 klubben.. Vi är många nu...... Google should translate that!
  14. Available: Warning - Zliav hunting conmen

    Thanks chaps. If you do come across them please let me know and warn off anyone who wants to book with them. Sean
  15. Venison butchery course Flimwell East sussex

    Great course and you get to take the whole butchered beast home (included in price)
  16. Available: Warning - Zliav hunting conmen

    Hi mate I went with RNC. Still haven't got our money back and he won't respond to our emails. A friend who didn't come on the trip got in touch asking for a quote and he (boris) responded immediately. They totally ripped us off! My rifle also got seized in Kyrgyzstan had a lot of grief...
  17. Sussex Firearm Department.

    Agreed. Very quick and user friendly
  18. Re-barrel or new rifle

    Re-barrel. Get a border put on
  19. Feo and calibres

    How long have you been shooting for?