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  1. Powder measures??? advice/ recommendations please

    I use the Lee dippers for most of mine when looking for hunting accuracy except for when loading for longer ranges. I'd say at least 75% of the time I find no need to be spot on. When I do want precise, I use the dipper to get close and trickle in the remainder.
  2. Bulgarian driven boar.

    Sounds like a great hunt all in all and those pigs shown look big! Thanks for the tale and pics!
  3. Bullets for Boar .308

    What speed were you drving those 130 gn Barnes? I've been loading them for Pronghorn Antelope but thus far haven't tried them out..
  4. A compilation of good boar bullets!

    Nice picture and indeed that's a quality bullet for boar. I'm going to have to get my handss on some and try the bondeds.
  5. what sort of reloader are you?

    Cost, accuracy, then at one time or another availabilty and velocity. I agree with the fly tying and reloading above--both give great satisfaction!
  6. .22lr vs .17HMR. What do your prefer?

    22 for me although my .17 does have it's moments shooting ground squirrels and the occasional prairie dog. The .17 by the way, is an air rifle and great squirrel medicine out to 50 yds or so! The 22 is a Marlin 39A, shoot very accurately as it's my blue grouse, cottontail and tree squirrel...
  7. the hottest load on the site?

    Looking at pressures most factory loads seem mild in comparison to the standard for that particular caliber until one considers that these have to operate in a wide range of temperatures for starts. Add a couple of other factors that might effect pressure and you can easily get very hot very quick!
  8. Tape your muzzle!

    Thanks Vipa, those look to be great for my full stock Mannlicher. Will try that.
  9. A compilation of good boar bullets! gives some graphic pics of a smaller boar and comments on the bullet necessary, etc It's interesting that a majority seems to say that big boars need big big bullets. I would sure think so if nothing else than for the adreniline factor.
  10. A compilation of good boar bullets!

    Glogin--I'm sure you know what it takes for a boar of size. I was just wondering after hearing about the shield that developes across the shoulers, protecting the forward chest area and what it takes to penetrate it through and through on the bigger critters. I've heard that it's a bullet...
  11. A dirty subject!

    Neutralize odors when possible and use cover up and attract scents sparingly. Clean clothes are secondary to your nose and mouth odors and those from your hair. Clothes that smell of perfumed detergent are a sure fire way to get a deers attention so no perfumes, etc. Here's a great link...
  12. Tape your muzzle!

    I like that latex glove idea. Up til now I've buying the rubber finger cots ( minature condoms) to cover injured fingers from the pharmacy and using them.
  13. Think i'm sickening for summat!

    Thanks for sharing that--good read and as you said, lots of truth! When I was shooting at my best, I lived across the street from a full blown rifle and shotgun range with targets to 600 meters. I shot almost every day and found that even a shaky person such as I can get respectible if you...
  14. the hottest load on the site?

    Why the highest velocity as it's generally acknowledged that accuracy is best at some point below maximum velocity? Add to that increased recoil, noise, and more and it's hard to fathom why burning barrels out becomes a item of interest? Even for long distance shooting there are seem to be...
  15. Hello--new member, old hunter

    Thanks for the welcome and if you've ever a notion to head this way, we have some great Pronghorn Antelope hunting and pretty fair Mule Deer, and Elk hunting.
  16. 7x57

    I've had a 7x57 and will have another as that is a fine cartridge. Here's it used on everything from pronghorn to elk, including black bear.
  17. Stopping Power - your take on it?

    I seldom assume much of anything, as three graduate degrees taught me that but I did assume you were poking fun in jest, just as I was. Ross as well as Weatherby "designed" many fine rifles some destined to become great while othes were not and both were certainly operating at a financial level...
  18. Stopping Power - your take on it?

    Bet it has a nice cushy recoil pad too!:) Sounds like a great way to spend a day! For those who haven't read this, it's moderately easy to read, makes a lot of sense and is a very through treatment of energy, momentum, wounding, etc. I saw this mentioned in the other links that were posted...
  19. Stopping Power - your take on it?

    Thanks for the attempt at educating me fellows but I have to go with folks who seem to have the low down on this: From Wikipedia specifically on the 280 Ross, "Firing a 140-grain (9.1 g) bullet at a muzzle velocity of 2,900 ft/s (880 m/s), the new cartridge qualified for the contemporary...
  20. Stopping Power - your take on it? on the Rigby Company. Seems we have two now. Just throwing a slight jab at our anti-Weatherby friend.;) and another as the .280 Ross was almost a 3000fps rifle where as the 250-300 was a 3000 fps rifle! By the time Ross reached that...