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  1. For Sale: AICS Arctic Warfare Stock, KRG Bolt Knob, 20MOA Rail for Remmington 700 .308 action

    For sale is a Accuracy International Chassis System stock in Arctic Warfare design, was used with my former Remmington 700 SPS Varmint .308. Comes with 1x AI 10 round mag and 1x Non-OEM mag holds 9/10 rounds. KRG Bolt Knob - Tactical handling and lager size than standard knob. 20MOA 200mm...
  2. Sold: SOLD

    Almost new, taken out of box, attached TIER ONE mounts and mounted to rifle. Rifle was sold separately and now this beautiful scope is collecting dust! It is one serious bit of kit and to be honest, far too advanced for my novice shooting skill level. This will suit those that have a lot more...
  3. Wanted: Mossberg Maverick 88 Accu-Chokes

    Anyone have any spare or un-wanted Accu-Chokes that fit the Mossberg Maverick 88? Also fit the Mossberg 500 I’ve been told. Would like a full set or even just singles? Thanks
  4. Wanted: Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle M77 GS Magazine 10 Rounds Part no. 90458

    Really need to acquire just 1 magazine so that I have one to feed rounds reliably into my build! I have put a Ruger American .223 into an MDT chassis and not knowing that it does not work with the MDT AICS mags!!! It only functions with a Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle M77 GS Magazine part no...
  5. Wanted: Browning Buckmark LBP

    Hi Guys, Don't suppose someone has a Buckmark Long Barrel Pistol they want to part with? Would also consider a Volquartsen version if it doesn't cost me a kidney! Thanks Tim
  6. Wanted: 45-70 Reloading Bits and Components

    Hi All, Anyone have 45-70 reloading bits they don't want? Thought I would try here before buying everything new. After DIES, heads and brass! Thanks
  7. Wanted: WANTED: 30cal Bullets

    After some 30cal heads to make .308 and 30-06, don’t mind styles of heads or weights. Would like to buy a couple hundred if available. Thanks
  8. Sold: 30-06 Rifle and Moderator ideally

    Hi Folks, Wondering if anyone has a 30-06 rifle and moderator, cheap and cheerful that they are looking to part with! I would like one for the extra kick, mainly target shooting and one day will get into stalking when time permits! Thanks Tim
  9. Wanted: Southern Gun Company 9MM Lever Release Rifle

    Hi does anyone have the above that they wish to dispose of? The Glock mag version? I'm aware a ban is likely to take place soon, however it would be great to have some fun before that happens! I've found two on 2nd hand market, although having difficulties communicating with seller for one of...
  10. Hello from London!

    Hi fellow members, I am a relatively new shooter with real firearms and am very into practical shooting, with practical shotgun being my favorite! In addition to that I shoot gallery rifle, small calibers and long distances. Basically am happy to shoot anything I get my hands on :) Now my...