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  1. A compilation of good boar bullets!

    If you've shot a big boar, say 250 lbs or larger what bullet did you use and how did it perform? Hope to hunt boar soon and want to get some "experienced" replies as opposed to the , "I heard about this guy who shot this boar and....!" What say those of you who've killed a biggun??
  2. Stopping Power - your take on it?

    Stopping Power or Knock Down Power are terms thrown around much like Energy Transfer but what do these really entail? I'll add more later since I'd love to hear your ideas first, but suffice it to say, I believe that many well meaning folks confuse these issues by repeating anecdotal tales...
  3. Hello--new member, old hunter

    I've been hunting since the 50s and over the years developed a great appreciation for hunting both large and smaller game. With the internet, I get around on a few of the forums and am especially interested in the UK as one of these day my wife and I hope to hunt over there. Here in SE Wyoming...