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  1. Any one missing a Sika stag?!

    was it fred or very possible his name is Del
  2. Howa 1500

    nicely done ive got one in 243 and cant fault them
  3. For Sale: 12v Winch etc

    any chance you can send me some photos please thanks
  4. Wanted: Cocker/sprocker

    iv.e got two cocker pups for sale on the site only dogs left.if you want any info or photos pm me thanks
  5. Sold: working cocker pups

    thanks all for the replies much appreciated
  6. Sold: working cocker pups

    thanks for the support guys as we all know prices have inflated rapidly recently and if i was to offer a litter of working cockers for £600 a piece joe blogs would come along and purchase the whole litter for a big pay day
  7. Sold: working cocker pups

    hi all i have two dog pups left out of a litter of four, ready to go towards the end of november ,all legally docked,KC registered and will have had first injection and worming.The sire and dam are both good workers and worked regalarly, The sire is a field trial winner in his own right. i can...
  8. sako 75 preferred calibre?

    my 30-06 does me just fine with all the beauty of the 75 action for all deer speices
  9. Free: Christmas rifle raffle

    merry xmas and have a fab new year
  10. aldi bits

    just a heads up that next week Aldi got some fishing gear coming in some of which maybe suitable to us shooters meaning neopreme socks, and neopreme gloves with flip back thumbs and trigger finger only £4-99 a pair maybe worth fiver just as a back up pair
  11. 1st attempt at muntjac

    looks a cracker well done and good work done a good job
  12. Free: Dvd

    its arrived and thank you very much topman
  13. Free: Dvd

    pm sent many thanks
  14. Free: Dvd

    hi supersport what a nice offer I would like to take this if I may please ive completed my dsc1 and going for my dsc2
  15. Hello from Cardiff

    welcome to the site I,m sure you,ll enjoy it and pick up lots of info all the best
  16. Sold: Safeguard 4 gun Security Cabinet

    yes got it thanks I,ve sent you a pm thanks
  17. Sold: Safeguard 4 gun Security Cabinet

    I,ve sent you a pm
  18. Farmers son

    bloody awesome
  19. Dyfed-Powys FEO using excessive force (literally).

    that's disappointing of any police force bloody ridiculous.I just hope the youngster gets on ok
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