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Territory Hunting
  1. Satanism

    Don't blame ASDA or TESCO - blame Simon Howie - he makes the stuff! Actually, Simon Howies butchers shop in Auchterarder is fantastic and my family never miss the opportunity to go in an buy some of his excellent ready meals and breakfast packs (this man knows how to cure bacon!!!) whenever...
  2. RCBS or Lyman case prep centre?

    After some considerable research, I chose the Lyman and am very, very happy with it. Haven't used any of the others so can't compare, but the Lyman does everything I want I have 4 stations on it set up to: 1. Clean the inside of the case neck with a brush 2. Trim to length using the Lee...
  3. Night vision with quality scope?

    Bushnell Elite 6500 is a great scope for an NV add-on, but they stopped making them several years ago. I think the closest current model is the Bushnell Forge range with big tactical turrets and a lever on the zoom ring. As they say in my part of the world: nae a bonnie scope :) Cheers Bruce
  4. Quiet profiteering by the oil cartel

    I'm not complaining High oil prices never did me or my family any harm :) Cheers Bruce
  5. Covid conspiracy ! Finally proved !!!!

    Quick, get that up on some of the MAGA sites plus Fox News and the other usual right wing nut job news channels- they're sure to believe it :rofl: Cheers Bruce
  6. Upgrade to a Thermal Scope or Wait for Better Resolution

    OK, we've discussed resolution and magnification in thermal devices, but maybe we should discuss thermal imagings "dirty little secret" - aka Non Uniformity. I say it's thermal imagings "dirty little secret" because it's almost never mentioned in any promotional material for thermal imagers and...

    I know a lot of people say spot with thermal but shoot with NV. However, I'm with you on this - spot with thermal, shoot with thermal and carry a torch in your pocket so you can take a pictures of dead foxes :D Cheers Bruce
  8. Upgrade to a Thermal Scope or Wait for Better Resolution

    Further to my earlier post about resolution, it might be worth discussing magnification in thermal (and NV) spotters and scopes The four numbers (in mm) needed to calculate magnification in a thermal scope or spotter are: A - The focal length of the objective lens assembly -this is the number...

    Steve, 750g with the adaptor and IPS7 battery fitted. I've got one here (and the monocular) If it wasn't for the current lockdown, you'd be more than welcome to come and have a look through it. Cheers Bruce
  10. Quiet profiteering by the oil cartel

    Currently the fuel duty on diesel is 58p per litre 20% VAT gets added to that which means almost 70p on every litre of diesel you buy is going to the government in tax The price of crude oil has no effect on the duty - it's a flat rate per litre. So, on one litre of diesel being sold for £1.14...
  11. Upgrade to a Thermal Scope or Wait for Better Resolution

    There's a very simple way to calculate the resolution of a thermal scope Simply divide the pixel size in microns by the focal length of the objective lens in mm The answer to that calculation is an angle in mrad - the smaller the number, the higher the resolution The mrad number is also known as...
  12. Wanted: Thermal

    Decent second hand thermals cost almost as much as new thermals, but you don't get a warranty Thermal prices are largely based on lens size. The number you see in almost every thermal description such as XQ38, SA45, Vulkan 35 etc is the size of the lens in mm (actually the focal length of the...
  13. Pard NV008 battery life

    Agreed. Also, when the battery indicator turns to a red box indicating low battery, there's no need to change the battery immediately, the PARD will continue to operate normally for quite a long time and even if it shuts itself off because the battery voltage becomes too low, the PARD won't be...
  14. Laser IR units

    BSDE Max Cheers Bruce
  15. Laser IR units

    The Standard BSDE uses the 2x24 yukon lens, and the BSDE Max uses the 3x42 yukon lens The x3 lens produces a tighter, and therefore longer range beam - but it does make the illuminator heavier. Cheers Bruce
  16. Groups of Roe Deer

    Was out foxing last night and saw well over 50 roe deer - usually in groups of 6-19 - it's the same most years. The thermal easily picked out the bucks because of the heat in their growing antlers. Cheers Bruce
  17. Sir Lewis Hamilton

    And nothing anybody could ever say would make you change your opinion? Cheers Bruce
  18. Quotes that resonate for you...

    You don't have a right not to be offended. Cheers Bruce
  19. Sending your FAC away

    FFS, you're OSD IS bad :rofl: Cheers Bruce
  20. What rifle you'd end up with if you took advice from SD

    Steve, I'll have you know, my wife's name is Sheila - and now you know why we never emigrated to Australia :D Cheers Bruce
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