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Leica Amplus 6
  1. primos gen 3 tripod

    Bushwear and they have good service too
  2. Scone Game Fair October.

    With the pubs opening and people back at work this virus will undoubtedly peak. We have already had a city locked down, and more may be in the pipe line, people do not listen. Thousands on beaches, local pubs not far from me in small villages had police calming revellers with the police dogs on...
  3. Pop up hide recommendations wanted please

    Bushwear do one had it 7 years still good as new fits in a back pack can be put up in a couple of minutes. Great piece of kit to be used in any space built in double or single seat. I use the double seat and there is plenty of room in it for the dog. Ideal for pigeon shooting even used it rabbit...
  4. For Sale: Genuine Discovery 3/4 Full set rubber mats

    As posted genuine full set of rubber mats for the Discovery 3/4 Front drivers and passengers Rear split pair for both seats Full boot mat Good condition heavy duty , slight wear only to drivers but hardly noticeable. Rest like brand new, printed Land Rover £80 the set picked up...
  5. Parental abuse!

    There is no respect from a lot of parent never mind the children .A lot of teenagers have no respect for the police knowing they are unable to do much with them. Fetch back the days when we had slapped hands in the infants, slipper in the juniors and the cane in the senior schools. We had...
  6. Static Carvan, stove or no stove?

    As long as all the correct ancillaries are used you can fit a wood burner in any type of property. Even when we fit it in brick or stone built properties we still use dual wall flues and you can hold the flues when the fire is burning well and not feel much heat. A proper stove fitter will know...
  7. For Sale: Bore-Tech Eliminator Deal

    I can not believe that anyone could have any problem with Rob I can say he is a great trustworthy bloke and a gentleman, knowing him personally he would rather do a chap a favour than any harm.
  8. Surveyor builder advice needed

    It is a damp barrier
  9. advice on costs for a puppy

    300 - 400 quid tops if you are not trialing it , showing it or breeding for top money there is no need to pay top dollar. Any dog with the right length of time and patience can be trained. Just because they have champions in there pedigree does not mean they will make champions.
  10. Fury/Wilder fight bullschitt/weak as **** excuse!

    Wilder is all hype he has not fought anyone of substance just an old man Ortiz. It is easy for the Americans to manufacture stats by hand picking his fights. How a can a man who is mandatory have to wait 2 years plus to fight him,Dillian Whyte. Bring back the good old days when everyone wants to...
  11. First dog...advice please.

    A labrador ticks all the boxes . They will still be the top hunting and pet dog when all the other breeds run out of fashion.
  12. Dog trackers .

    No dog that pulls down a deer and so call dispatch the animal is under control. This I strongly believe if your dog pulls down and kills the deer can pull down and kill other animals. When trackers let the dogs go and do not have the dog in view at all times I think are irresponsible.
  13. stalking ground rent

    You cannot blame the farmer he has a business to run. I would not complain if someone offered me more money to carry out a contract. I same as everyone would love for the farmers to pay me to cull deer but it is never going to happen. Looks like people will have to put some overtime in to get...
  14. Carpal Tunnel Surgery

    Had mine done day after strapped it tight and was out laying bricks. Was awake when I had the op, never felt pain like it when they released the tourniquet and also intense pain when the snipped the nerve .
  15. Available: Free stalk

    Great offer put me in the hat please.
  16. Christmas Choose a good caption for this Picture

    I tell you you cannot use bullet heads on him it must be bullets
  17. Puppy prices;

    The prices for dogs are unbelievable I have already posted on some ads and been shot down. Some people has more money than sense. They say its from this breed or that breed. A pal of mine used to breed top greyhounds from winners he had and never produced or bred another winner from them. I have...
  18. Free: Christmas rifle raffle

    generous offer JDR
  19. Choose a good caption for this Picture

    God bless thee and all the bullet heads that leave tnee
  20. Scope Doctor. Paul Burke.

    Top bloke just received one back
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