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    Dismayed to find that the bulb in our microwave has blown, which deprives us of one of the few remaining pleasures in life. - No more happy minutes watching the turntable revolve as my porridge is done to perfection every morning ! "Just get another bulb" I hear you say. It's not as easy as...
  2. Sold: HARRIS 12 - 25" BIPOD

    Genuine Harris - fixed base. Very good condition. £55 posted

    1" Tube, A7 Reticle, Hungarian Includes bikini covers, and good (!) Butler Creek objective lens cover. Sorry I couldn't do good photos of glass, - but there are no scratches. £275 posted (insured).

    Sorry Admin, I've mistakenly started this thread FOR SALE .308 FACTORY AMMUNITION in 'Ammunition, Reloading, and Ballistics' instead of Classifieds. Are you able to move it please

    28 GECO 170 gr £ 23 9 PPU 150 gr £5 Face to face only (Herefordshire)
  6. Solwaystalker - Vanished ?

    A few weeks back Colin returned to the forum as Solwaystalker2 (I think), and there were quite a lot of warm welcomes. He said that he would be posting some stalking opportunities in the near future, but I haven't seen anything from him, and now can't find him in the Members list (except for...
  7. Sold: TIKKA T3 HUNTER .308, SCOPE & BIPOD

    Outfit now offered in parts........... T3 Hunter Rifle, (not screw-cut) Walnut stock - two or three very tiny dings, has fired under 200 rounds - comes with hard carrying case (RWS) £500 Schmidt & Bender 6 x 42 scope -1" tube, A7...
  8. Skin problem around eye

    Our Lab's hair has started to wear thin aound his left eye this past couple of weeks or so. We put it down to him scrambling through dense undergrowth, (brambles and the like). Then because he seemed to be scratching quite a bit we treated him with Frontline even though we hadn't seen any...
  9. Sold: TIKKA T3 HUNTER .308 OUTFIT

    Rifle has fired under 200 rounds, Walnut stock - two or three very tiny dings, Schmidt & Bender 6 x 42 scope (Hungarian)...

    Scotland’s golden eagles are dying in agony, all in the name of sport | Kevin McKenna Just when you thought the press couldn't sink any lower............

    Invermark keeper on Countryfile now
  12. Stalking socks !

    I was given a couple of pairs of these socks - with boar or stag motif - several years ago. They were bought in a gunshop in northern France but the giver can't remember where, nor who they were made by. They've been very comfortable and lasted well, but are beginning to get 'holey'. I would...
  13. Fordbank

    Trying to contact Fordbank by PM (27th December) without success. Does anyone know if he's out of the country, or computer kaput ? Thanks, Thorneyglatt
  14. I've lost the thread !

    It's always happening, but this time I haven't been able to pick it up again ! Specifically, it's the 'exploding rifles in Yorkshire' saga. I can't remember the title exactly (something like 'What's happened here ?'), but no matter what key-word I try in the search function, I can't get back...
  15. Roaring stag ringtone

    Can anyone recommend a ringtone that's a) good b) easy for this technophobe to get on to his Samsung Galaxy Mini c) free, or cheap !
  16. Antler Transport from Galloway needed !

    Shot a stag in Galloway last week, but had to return home before the head could be boiled out. Could anyone give the skull and antlers a lift from there (with Solway Stalker) to somewhere within, say, 50 miles of Hereford, please ? Thorneyglatt
  17. Aldi electric chainsaw

    Just bought one of these - seems very good value: 2200w motor, 40cm (c16") Oregon bar & chain, made in Germany - 3 year warranty. £54.99. Spare chain (Oregon) £9.99...
  18. Bbc midlands: Game fair report

    Bbc midlands game fair report Just watched Midlands Today report on Game Fair at Ragley Hall. A few images of Range Rovers fording some deep water, an exquisitely engraved shotgun, and a Rolls Royce are the abiding impressions, together with a lengthy spiel about farming subsidies ! Didn't the...
  19. Wanted: Stalking near Spean Bridge, early August

    I'm looking for a day on stags during the first two weeks of August; within reach of Spean Bridge, and preferably not at the de-luxe end of the market ! Can anyone point me in the right direction, please ?
  20. Winterwatch - sassenach mispronunciation ?

    Am I right in thinking Aigas, the 'base' for Winterwatch, should be pronounced Aigish ? - Or was my informant misinformed ?!
CDSG Shooting Sports