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  1. Thermal rifle scope

    Hi Barry. I have the Pulsar trail XQ50 LRF. I’ve had mine 3 months now and shot over 60 foxes in the last 2 months with it.Unbelievable bit of kit. Having the ability to store different zero ranges for the same load is a game changer with the onboard rangefinder. Your ability to identify things...
  2. Sold: Jewell Trigger for Remington 700

    now sold thanks.
  3. Sold: Jewell Trigger for Remington 700

    Price reduced £165 posted.
  4. Sold: Jewell Trigger for Remington 700

    As above in good condition for Remington 700 or clone, top safety top bolt release £180 posted. Thanks.
  5. Sold: S&B PM2 5-25x56 £1200

    Scope now sold.
  6. Sold: S&B PM2 5-25x56 £1200

    I can’t upload pictures. Says they are to large. Can send my email or WhatsApp
  7. Sold: S&B PM2 5-25x56 £1200

    Price reduced to sell. Scope only £1050. Scope, mounts, sunshade, scope caps £1175. Looking at the scope again it’s more scuffs than scratches. First to view this scope will buy. Thanks.
  8. Sold: S&B PM2 5-25x56 £1200

  9. Sold: S&B PM2 5-25x56 £1200

    Selling my Schmidt & Bender pm2. Spec is 5-25x56 mill mill sfp p4l reticle cw turrets. This scope is in full working order and has some signs of use on the turrets etc as can be seen in the pictures. It has some very small scratches on the objective as can been seen in pictures. It doesn’t...
  10. For Sale: .222, .223, .22.250, .243, .308, .30.06 Used brass for sale

    Hi is the Norma 224 brass still available? ATB Sean.
  11. Sold: V max

    Hi Steve. I’d take the 2 boxes of 50gr Vmax if selling separate and wanting to post. Cheers. ATB Sean.
  12. Sold: Redding type s match die set 223

  13. Sold: Redding type s match die set 223

    223 Redding type s match full die set for sale. In a good used condition. Owned from new £95 posted.
  14. 22-250 twist

    What powder yous using with the 69gr TMKs and the heavier.22 bullets?? Am getting a 26” 1:8 twist barrel put on to shoot the 69gr TMKs. Cheers.
  15. Sold: 162grn ELDM 7mm

    Pm sent
  16. Sold: 7mm/284 bergers

  17. Sold: 7mm/284 bergers

    Ttt. A box of 100 £45 posted.
  18. Sold: 7mm/284 bergers

    Reduced to sell £45 box posted.
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