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BRACES of Bristol - Mauser M12 with Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10x56 Illuminated Scope
  1. Help put together a package.

    I use the Hawke hmr scope as does my brother and find them great for the money (£150) there’s a newer one that’s more like £250 that has push pull turrets and side parralax with the same reticle
  2. Help put together a package.

    I’ve an anschutz 1517 which is brilliant , my brother has a steyr zephyr 2 , and that thing is an absolute tack driver he can hit on a 1.25 inch gong at 200 yards with a cheap Hawke hmr scope with unbelievable repeatability for the little hmr !
  3. Ruger m77/.17 hornet

    Another with a cz 527 , great round although I don’t use it on foxes have good success on corvids up to 200 yards and a little beyond just by holding over and holding for wind , I have a lot more success with it than the hmr once past 100 yards
  4. Chronograph

    How much do you think needs to be spent? I’m not trying to win prs matches just want to be able to find out what my different rifles and ammo are doing and would like to start reloading also , was in the way of thinking there’s no point spending loads as it’ll be wasted on what I want one for...
  5. Chronograph

    Thanks for the advice chaps any specific model of Caldwell?
  6. Chronograph

    I’m looking for a chronograph between £100 -£150 for fac air rifles to centre fire rifles , which do you lads recommend ? Thanks in advance
  7. Which Quad?

    if You want the most cost effective rugged and reliable get a Honda fourtrac 420 or 500 whatever number they’re on now , we run the 420s and they have hard lives on dairy farms and they hardly ever let us down , we’ve tried others , tried a big fancy Yamaha automatic thing and it fell to pieces...
  8. Which Quad?

    Hondas are the best and most reliable in my experience
  9. 17hmr to hornet

    The cz 527 is hard to beat , I like mine , crows to 200 yards , don’t use it for foxes although plenty of others do
  10. Anschutz 17HMR High Capacity Magazine

    Looks awesome mate if you manage to get them working I’ll be first in line to buy one !
  11. Anschutz 17HMR High Capacity Magazine

    Don’t think so mate , I’ve thought the same ever since I got mine
  12. Daystate Huntsman Regal and NV

    I’ve a wolverine r and thought that would be my only way of putting my digisight on it, I’ve not bothered up to yet and use a pard on the back of the scope instead as it’s only for rats , let us know how you get on !
  13. Daystate Huntsman Regal and NV

    Two individual riser blocks seems the only way ?
  14. .22LR frangible vs .22 FAC air rifle

    your .22 will still be the same power as the .25 you don't want if you're running it to that spec mate , youd need to use a 16 or 18 grain pellet to lessen the energy
  15. 223 rebarrel

    Ahh a non starter then
  16. 223 rebarrel

    Would that be difficult because of licensing ? Was just wondering as the action is so large , not something I’m considering having done to mine
  17. 223 rebarrel

    am i right in thinking if you had a tikka t3 you could re barrel to most things if you also got a new bolt and mag ?
  18. Air rifle calibre choice

    I have a fac .22 , it’s superb for crows and magpies around the farm buildings and I trust it out to 70 yards in good conditions
  19. Wildcat Evolution

    I have two as couldn’t be bothered with changing baffles , ones taken a right battering and it still functions perfectly , would get the same again 👍
  20. Moderator recommendations for 223

    Not that I know of ?
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