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  1. For Sale: Genuine Discovery 3/4 Full set rubber mats

    As posted genuine full set of rubber mats for the Discovery 3/4 Front drivers and passengers Rear split pair for both seats Full boot mat Good condition heavy duty , slight wear only to drivers but hardly noticeable. Rest like brand new, printed Land Rover £80 the set picked up...
  2. Best Gloves

    Its that time of year, we are looking at having to get out our winter waterproof hunting gloves. I am ready for some new ones, I usually use the sealskinz which have seen better days. What do others use that may be better or are they some of the best out there?
  3. Sold: CZ 452 .22lr American

    selling my CZ .22lr American, not getting much use lately its a shame to have it stored away. Comes with a moderator. Nice walnut stock and it has an up graded trigger fitted from new at rimfire magic, very accurate, 5 round mag and a 10 round mag It has the short heavy 16inch barrel. Price...
  4. Sold: Yamaha Kodiac 400 2006

    Green Yamaha Kodiac 400cc owned for 4 years great workhorse with plenty of power. Double rifle rack New winch fitted LED light bar fitted 4wd and 2wd not road registered plenty of tread on tyres tow bar fitted usual Racks to front and rear Reason for sale is I no longer need one as we...
  5. 300 win mag powder

    What powder gives best performance when reloading for the 300 win mag
  6. Wanted: 300wm dies

    Anyone have any resizing and bullet seating dies that they no longer need in 300 win mag
  7. Danner Boots

    Anyone use these boots are they any good? Good points or bad point any reviews will help.
  8. Yorkshire Day

    Happy Yorkshire Day to all !!!!!
  9. Last Journey

    Well yesterday the day finally arrived for me to take my best friend on his final journey. It took time for me to pluck up courage to say goodbye to the most loyal best friend any man could have hoped for. After having a bleed in his spine 18 months ago and after steroid treatment for temporary...
  10. Wanted: Press

    Anyone have a press they no longer use. Was wondering if there are any used ones about before purchasing a new one.WHY please pm me.
  11. Lets all say a prayer

    Lets all say a prayer for those in hospital and especially for the 20 who are in a critical way 12 of them being children and whos lives are in the hands of our doctors and nurses. Lets all wish them a speedy recovery.
  12. winchester xpr info

    looking at a new work horse and saw the reviews on the xpr. Very keen prices are they any good? Has anyone got one and how do they find them.
  13. Advice on barrel length.

    What would be the ideal barrel length for a 300win mag for stalking and also a bit of long range shooting. I have seen some as short as 20 inches, how would this affect the performance?
  14. Pace Brothers EP4

    Just watched this on youtube but I have not got a clue on how to down load it to the site. I must say the lads have pulled it off again, worth watching. Hope some one can download it.
  15. Our Armed Forces

    Just watched an advert on tv advertising for a charity for our service men. I cannot believe in this day and age that the country they are fighting to protect do not give them the full care they deserve. There should be no need for charity, we give money to other countries and help people from...
  16. None lead ammo

    Any ideas on the best none lead ammo out there. Any ideas and advise appreciated. To be used in 243 and 308, 243 must be deer legal in England
  17. Bushwear

    I would just like to post about the excellent service delivered by Bushwear. I had a problem with an Item purchase about 12 months ago and after a conversation with Graeme from the company on Thursday about 2pm I had a replacement delivered at 8am this morning no quibble. I will have no...
  18. Annual national cull figures

    Is there any governing body that takes count of all the different deer species annual cull numbers, or are they just estimated numbers.With the large numbers of stalkers coming into the sport how long before the government catch on and start charging for tags just like america. Does anyone...
  19. Hunting Zambia

    Anyone got any information on outfitters in Zambia? Looking to maybe try to get a hunt in late November early December depending on the price. I have been told it can be expensive. It must be close to Ndal.
  20. Moray Outfitting.

    After reading a few posts on rogues on the site it is also good to hear about the honest traders as well. Ordered a sling on Sunday it arrived this morning. Moray Outfiters are professional and easy to deal with delivering my item in double quick time. Same can be said for a member,white van man...
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