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  1. Swap: 12G Clay shotgun cartridges

    Ive got 2 x full slabs of eley Olympic trap and 225 of eley VIP plus the loose Olympic traps in the pic. These are leftover from back in the days when i used to do lots of clay shooting, i don't anymore and am wondering if anybody fancy's doing some sort of swap for fibre wad pigeon shooting...
  2. For Sale: Nightvision

    I am selling 2 x nightvision units, first is a yukon, never really used as you can see £150 2nd is an atn Palidin, have used this as a cheap and cheerful spotter £60. Any inspwction welcome if collected (west Cornwall) or will post at cost.
  3. For Sale: Logun gun lamp

    I have a logun gun lamp kit for sale. Havnt used it for years. The battery is dead but it worked last time i used it so i would think a new battery andit will be fine £15
  4. For Sale: Perazzi spares kit and chokes

    I have a perazzi spares kit minus the firing pins, plus 2x perazzi skeet chokes ( fit my mx3c, not sure what other models they might fit?) £75
  5. For Sale: Clulite lamps,filters and mounts

    Ive got 2 x clulite lamps, 1 with a filter. Also a scope mounting bracket. One has an extended cable as pictured. Neither one has a battery pack £55 for the lot
  6. For Sale: 22-250 dies and 505 scales

    RCBS FL compitition dies sold RCBS 505 scales sold
  7. .243 foxing/vermin only?

    Just thinking out loud at the moment but im wondering if anybody under devon amd cornwall has this? Currently have .222 and 22-250 in cf calibres and would like something that would throw a heavier bullet due to it being nearly allways windy down here! I know i could get the 22-250 rebarreled...
  8. For Sale: Anschutz 1517 .17 Hmr thumbhole

    Am having a moving house clearout and have decided to sell my 1517 hmr. Its not had loads of use and is in good condition. Comes witha tasco 6-24x40scope which has a few scuffs on it, Hogun moderator and 4 round mag. £550 face to face only (im in cornwall)
  9. For Sale: .22lr Ammo

    Ive got approx 500 .22lr remington yellow jacket HV ammo £30. Face to face only with FAC etc, west cornwall
  10. For Sale: Reloading bits

    Having a clear out and have the following for sale Set of RCBS 22-250 FL comp dies £75 posted Set of RCBS 505 scales £70 posted RCBS lube mat £10 posted
  11. Stainless tumbling recipes

    A little while ago i made a tumbler and brought some media. Up until now ive used washing up liquid (good squirt of) and a bit of citric acid (because i read somwhere that was a good thing to do). All the recipies i see online call for lemishine, dish soap etc. what is everyone else using in the...
  12. Shotgun cartridge reloading

    I've been offered some reloading kit for shotgun cartridges cheaply and was wondering what the economics of shotgun reloading are? Is there any financial benefit with it as there is with rifles? I would only use it to reload standard game loadings.
  13. .222 powder choices

    Im currently looking for a decent powder for my sako .222, the plan is to load it with 50gr vmax for foxing and longer range bunnies. Having phoned today i have the choice of the following 3 imr 4198 n133 and n135. Im thinking probably the imr or 133 but am undecided as to which and would...
  14. Centre fire mentoring

    I've been thinking recently about getting a deer legal calibre rifle ( largest I have at the mo is .22-250. My licence is open at the mo but I'm wondering if anyone in Devon and Cornwall would know if they would put some kind of mentoring condition on a larger calibre?
  15. Hello from Cornwall

    Hello everyone, I'm from west cornwall. I've been shooting for a long time but never done any deer stalking but would love to get into it. My shooting is pest control with rifle and shotgun, foxing is my first love (don't tell the mrs!!) but also do lots of rabbit shooting and ferreting
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