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BRACES of Bristol - Mauser M12 with Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10x56 Illuminated Scope
  1. I've had the same monkey sticks fo over 9 years.

    It's a bit of Trigger statement, but one stick failed this afternoon, I'm sure they have had 5 new sticks in their time, but at least I didn't cry as I got home and repaired them for the total cost of.....£2.00! For those who don't know who Trigger was All ready for tomorrow. Cheers Richard
  2. Shooting orgs and £5k cover for financial gain?

    OK, I'm about to change my shooting organisation (was with SACS) and some others mention that for the recreational stalker they provide cover for up to £5k of financial gain from their activities. So, financial gain from selling to a game dealer, I would assume is covered, I assume so would...
  3. Want to hunt in the US?

    I have done it several times now, hunted and fished in Montana, fly fished in Wyoming and Colorado. Several members on here are clearly interested in going after watching Randy Newberg and Steve Rinella, all I can suggest is see if you can get together and form a SD group. It cuts down the cost...
  4. Poor kid, a horrible way to leave this place.

    A 14 year old kid fell asleep in a corn feed whilst out hunting, I had to google a corn chopping machine...
  5. Sold: Burris Pro Staff binocular harness

    Brand new, never been used £15 posted Here is a video on how to attach to your binoculars Cheers Richard
  6. Even if I had the money I wouldn't hunt like this in the US

    Basically the guys with money, and I mean money, some pay over £100k for these 'opportunities' bid on a special tag to hunt different species, the money goes back into conservation, but at what cost to the hunting community as a whole, just fodder for the anti's I will let you draw your own...
  7. Bow hunting can go wrong, Elk kills hunter.

    I wonder if this has ever happened before? Must be a million to one
  8. Drag rope

    I made one of these up years ago with slightly bigger diameter pipe, which works great, especially when lifting a red up and over my Hilux tail gate. But this is for a friend, its very strong, and perfect for Roe Deer as a drag rope, probably work on Fallow as well. Rope was kindly donated by a...
  9. Butt ugly knife i made

    I started this way back in the new year, all I had was an angle grinder, file and some wet and dry sheets, along with sand paper. Got good advice on here (you now who you are, thanks) and watching Youtube. Youtube, makes it look so easy, well with an angle grinder it isn’t! I thought about...
  10. Spot the errors BBC 'Doctors'

    I guess we are all going a bit stir crazy but my ears pricked up yesterday, I will let you decide but I was driving my wife nuts, 'thats not right', 'that is b******s' 'oh that bits right', 'thats rubbish'! She got a bit fed up in the end, and then I reminded her of when a medical drama comes on...
  11. Toothless!

    I thought some of you might be interested/not seen this before. Went out yesterday afternoon, just as the sun went down she appeared from the woodland, I waited to see if others were in tow, but she was on her own which raised my suspicions all wasn't well, she stopped broadside at 100 yards...
  12. Sold: Peli 1720

    It has the foam cut for the Blaser R8 Professional Success and other bits These cases are indestructible and keep your rifle safe and secure, 4 locking points. £220 by cash or BACS transfer no PAYPAL delivered or £195 collected from mid devon Thanks Richard
  13. For Sale: Reloading bits for 30-06

    30-06 Hornady modified case £8 posted Lee case length gauge and shell holder £5 posted Insert for Hornady Lock n load for 30 cal £5 posted SOLD BACS only please, no PAYPAL Cheers Richard
  14. Interesting shot reaction

    I saw this once on Youtube when a guy shot a speed goat, but it was a new one on me. I shot a hind yesterday, .243 100 grain soft point, she stood bolt upright and 'stretched' out, then commenced to walk! Only around 6 steps then she fell over dead, when I gralloched her the shot had taken out...
  15. A fox/koala bear encounter!

    OMG, I've seen it all now, the sad thing is people just believe what that read and see just because 'I said so' having seen so many foxes with their fox cubs over the years there is a difference between a cub and a koala bear as we know! @johngryphon @mchughcb Cheers Richard
  16. Sold: Nosler Partition 180 grain bullets x 75

    75 x .30 Nosler Partition 180 grain, the box containing 50 bullets has been opened but all are new, the other 25 bullets pictured have been removed from a made up cartridge using a kinetic hammer. Revised price see below via BACS sorry no Paypal Cheers Richard
  17. Sold: Lee Classic Loader in 30-06

    It's a really cost effective way to reload and very quick to setup I have used them for years, they are SO accurate. I have just sold my 30-06 so I have no further use for it. £30 posted Cheers Richard
  18. Sold: Blaser R8 Professional Success 30-06 and extras!

    This R8 is in excellent condition, fired under 150 shots since I bought new off Ivythorne, the Blaser mod has had less than 20 shots through it, I just prefer to shoot without one. Also included almost 100 brass cases mainly Lapua, 47 made up cartridges in 180 grain Nosler Partitions, 44 x NP's...
  19. How to attach Optilocks to Picatinny rail

    I just bought a 30mm tube scope, the chap in the shop fitted a Picatinny rail and rings for the new scope, fitted to my .243 Sako 75, it is to be used with a Sightron scope and Pard007 But, I really don't want to sell my old faithful Schmidt and Bender 6x42 in 25mm tube, I am keen to see if...
  20. Not a bad way to go At least he was found so his family could lay him to rest, he was 79 years old and still hunting in the mountains. Cheers Richard
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