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Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing
  1. Sold: 223 setup

    Hi all Looking to get a 223 for target shooting and a bit of deer stalking. Preferably a full setup along the lines of a Tikka T3/T3x heavy barrel. Ie varmint/supervarmint. Would also consider rifle and mod only for the write price, and would also consider a semi custom rifle. Thanks
  2. Thermal monocular

    Looking to get myself a thermal monocular, but have yet to decide on what 1 yet. Budget would be £1500 max. What would you recommend folks. Thanks Colin
  3. Kydex Sheath

    After seeing another thread on here for a leather sheath, I thought I'd ask if anyone makes Kydex knife sheaths. I've had a look at kits to make your own, but time for me is at a premium just now. Will end up making my own at some point when time allows. Thanks Colin
  4. BDS training manual

    Hi all I have been very fortunate to get myself a place on a syndicate, and now need to sit my DSC1. Does anyone have a BDS training manual that they are willing to part with so I can do some studying. Hopefully I have put this in the correct section. Thanks Colin
  5. High seat shooting Central Scotland

    Hi all Looking for something for my younger cousin to get a shoot from a high chair. Reason for the high chair is that after a resent back op which ended up nipping his spinal column, he can no longer walk or travel long distances. He has/had always been into shooting and very much an...
  6. Thermal monocular

    After being out on a stalk lately and having my first look thru a thermal, I was really impresses/surprised at how many deer we seen, but also amazed at how many opportunities an aid like this can bring. Speaking to a friend and he also said it was a game changer for him. Thing is with me...
  7. First Ever Stalk

    Ok guys I'll bore you of my first ever stalk. After introducing myself on here I was kindly contacted by a fellow member on here willing to take me out for the first time and to gain some experience. Plans were hatched and date set. It was then just a matter of getting a few bits of kit...
  8. Napier Apex Preditor Game Sack

    Anyone have any experience with 1 of these? Or is there something else to consider? Thanks Colin
  9. Essentially equipment

    Hi all Can anyone point me in the direction of any threads in regards to essential equipment for a beginner to stalking. I've tried the search on here, but probably just me being new to this forum and format that I cant find what I'm looking for. Thanks Colin
  10. Newbie Central Scotland

    Hi all Just a quick intro after being sent this way by a fellow member. Living in Central Scotland and now planning on getting out to do some stalking. I've contacted Chris at Ayrshire Stalking in regards to gaining some much needed experience and looking forward to what I may pick up here...
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