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BRACES of Bristol - Mauser M12 with Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10x56 Illuminated Scope
  1. Chris Packham again

    I found a link to this story on another site. I had not come across Country Squire Magazine previously, it is quite long but worth reading to the end. Country Squire Magazine
  2. Sold: Leupold 36x Benchrest scope

    NOW SOLD Leupold BR-36 x 40 AO benchrest scope. Very good condition, minor ring marks but no dings, scratches etc. Optics are excellent, very close focussing, I have been using it for 25yd .22 benchrest. Very fine crosshair reticule with 1/8 MOA dot, Leupold Reticule Open and capped turrets...
  3. Sako 75 bolt tool

    Does anyone know where I can find a Sako 75 bolt de/cocking tool? Google is not much help.
  4. Rowan Jelly

    As the title, Rowan Jelly is an excellent garnish for any meat, adds a fruity body to stews and is a great accompaniment to strong cheese like Stilton or mature Cheddar. It is made like most country jams/jellies, simply boil the fruit, add sugar and pectin, extract the juice and save into...
  5. Sold: Guncraft UK / Tactical Solutions USA .22 M4

    NOW SOLD Guncraft UK MILSPEC lower, compatible with .223 uppers. Tactical Solutions (USA) .22 CMMG type Picatinny rail upper with 16” barrel. Standard carry handle iron sights and Hakko multi pattern reticule red dot sight, GI pattern handguards. Hogue handgrip, LMT telescopic stock, Timney...
  6. Caught on garden trail camera

    I'm just relieved he did not treat my trail camera the way he did the shrubbery: clearly a territorial claim.
  7. Sold: Nightforce NXS 12-42 X 56

    Nightforce NXS 12-42 X 56 with illuminated NP-R2 reticule and Nightforce steel mounts. Overall very good condition with only minor marks, has only been used on ranges. Adjustments are crisp and repeatable. Very faint ring mark on underside of tube, not crimped or scratched. Rings are 0.75"...
  8. Weather

    It's blowing hard here in Aberdeenshire, Met Office site says 45mph gusts. It has been dry for a while, and the wind is really picking up the topsoil that has just been drilled and seeded. It's like being back in Saudi Arabia.
  9. Calling member 1894

    Please check your PM.
  10. Sold: Withdrawn from sale Leupold 36x Benchrest scope

    Leupold BR 36x 40mm adjustable objective benchrest scope. Fine crosshairs and 1/8 MOA target dot reticule, open and capped adjustment turrets, sunshade. Very good overall condition, minor ring marks as shown, no crimp or other damage. Optics are excellent and close focusing, I have been using...
  11. Sold: 6.5 X 55 Husqvarna Swedish Mauser M38

    1942 6.5 X 55 Swedish Husqvarna built M38 carbine, verified by serial number 640690 and Gustaf Bjorkenstam’s inspection stamp on the rear sight base. All matching serial numbers except bayonet. Accumounts USA reproduction of short side rail scope mount as fitted to Singapore and Norwegian...
  12. Sold: Sako Finnfire P94S Sporter .22

    20” barrel, SAK Moderator. Anschutz type lower rail. Bushnell 6500 Elite Tactical 2.5 -16x42 Mildot reticule scope. Two five shot, two 10 shot magazines. Overall excellent condition. £750 or without scope £450. ~RFD~ at cost approx £35 Additional photos available by email.
  13. Sold: Sako Finnfire P94S Range .22

    20” heavy barrel, SAK moderator. Adjustable target type stock with benchrest fore end plate. Five 10 shot magazines, one single load sled magazine. Leupold BR 36x40 1/8 dot benchrest scope. Excellent condition. £1000 or without scope £600 RFD at cost approx £35. Additional photos available...
  14. Tony Blair on Jeremy Corbyn

    Daily Telegraph A quote from Tony Blair in the linked Telegraph article: " Mr Corbyn "represented a combination of misguided ideology and terminal ineptitude"...." I never thought I would find myself agreeing with Tony Blair.
  15. Morning roe doe

    Friday was a bit of a sharp morning with hail and sleet flurries in a cold Northerly wind. There is a healthy roe population in and around this stubble park, plenty of good grazing before the winter sets in. I was able to blind side a group of roe behind the cover of the bale and close in on...
  16. For Sale: Forster Micrometer Seater Die .308

    Forster Ultra Micrometer Seater Die .308 Win, new and unused in box. Change of plans and calibre. £85 posted UK.
  17. TV Party leaders debate

    So..........quite predictably Nicola Sturgeon has found something else to whinge about, this time not being invited to take part in the political party leader's debate on TV. And so off to the courts with Jo Swinson. If it is found that they have to be invited to tag along, will that make the...
  18. Le Chameau Lite

    Has anyone tried the Le Chameau Lite Kevlar boots Le Chameau? I have had two pairs of Meindl boots, very comfortable and waterproof but the heels collapsed and disintegrated on both pairs, I don't have confidence in them now. I am looking to replace a pair of Hanwag boots that have been very...
  19. SNP Political stance

    Stolen with acknowledgements from The Daily Telegraph, this gem sums up the situation perfectly:
  20. Arkansas hunter killed by buck

    Daily Telegraph The comments following this report are predictable, they show the level of ignorance and anti-hunting bias that exists and is fuelled by the likes of Packham and PETA.
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