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  1. Mcmillan spacer system and recoil pad help needed

    only reason I said about Mcmillan I have 2 stocks the same, one has the Mcmillan which is nice to use the other has a horrible cheap fully adjustable one that doesn't stay tight, Thanks DVS1 for the links I will look into them
  2. Mcmillan spacer system and recoil pad help needed

    Hi gavhowe, could you measure your A5 to see how they compare please, if sold individually I am after the but pad, I think I have enough spacers,
  3. Mcmillan spacer system and recoil pad help needed

    Can someone help me please? I have contacted McMillan but had no reply, looking to buy one of the above but need to identify which model this is from as its not fitted to a McMillan stock, hoping someone can measure there's and tell me the model they have, the width measures 38mm
  4. Wanted: Spartan Davos Head

    sent you a PM
  5. Sold: Clear out of shooting gear. bipods, slings, mounts. ect

    Can I have the Two short legs for spartan javelin pro hunt bipod £35 (no rubber feet) if still available please
  6. For Sale: Bullet Dies and reloading gear clear out

    Hi Are the following still available? Rocky Mountain RBTAL 250gr with ally tips 5 boxes of 50 (250) if so how much per box posted? Thanks
  7. Sold: Pulsar F155 front mounted NV unit

    For sale is My Pulsar F155 front mounted night vision unit, complete with FN56mm mount, F155 comes complete with IR, remote control, protective lens corners, lens cloth, carry case, USB cable charging cradle, battery pack, instruction manual and original box. FN56 comes complete with set of...
  8. Wanted: Blaser R93 Barrel

    I have a .300win mag mag insert and bolt head I would let go
  9. Sold: Vortex defender flip cap

    Hi If the 56mm one is still available I will take it
  10. Pricket: What do you think?

    Looks a nice animal, This is one of the Prickets in my park, same age for comparison
  11. Sold: Eka outdoor edge swing blade

    Eka outdoor edge swing blade for sale, used but good condition, have sanded my name off the blade, as you can see in the photo, £25 posted, buyer must be 18 or over
  12. Sold: Niggeloh Spartan bipod sling

    Sorted now, thanks Josh
  13. Sold: Niggeloh Spartan bipod sling

    Looking for one of the above, if anyone has got one they are thinking of selling?
  14. Sold: Blaser Tier one spigot Mount

    Hi I will take this if still available, PM me payment details
  15. Sold: Outdoor edge flip n zip knife & saw

    For sale flip n zip knife saw combo, had light use, so might show some signs of use, £38 posted ONO, buyer must be over 18
  16. Wanted: Spuhr 4601

    Just wondering if anyone has one of the above they are thinking of selling before I buy a new one