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  1. Funniest 'Shooting Set-Up'.

    Oh ffs!!! Am in tears here! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  2. Boris reckons "things" are shortly going to become more stringent : :p
  3. Sir Lewis Hamilton

    That sword could just "slip" if he does .... :p
  4. Macron

    A/the mutation is hardly unexpected, and I don't believe for one moment that it has chosen to in the UK only ....:rolleyes: . Macron? "bandstanding." The git!! :mad:
  5. For Clarification ..............

  6. Oscar ........

  7. Vaccine .....

    😂 😂
  8. Can anyone identify this plant?

    I don't know it's name. No. It doesn't die back in Winter. In fact, it is daren't difficult to do harm to. :worried:. I planted one 10yrs ago. It grows & grows & the harder/more you cut it back, by jove it loves it & comes back harder. I sound like I don't like it, but, I do. :cool:. Just that...
  9. Spaniel found. Reported missing/stolen Nov '19

    Ah! Sorry for the post .:)
  10. Spaniel found. Reported missing/stolen Nov '19

    Found in Somerset.
  11. Liverpool Mayor Arrested

    I have no lawyer pants to wear, but , witness intimidation is usually treated very seriously indeed. As seriously as the original crime. :cool::cool:. I hope they all go down. Bassards.
  12. Christmas Lights

    Go on! Do tell ..... :-|
  13. Christmas Lights

    Not yet. A week before Xmas here.
  14. Novel gift .......

    Brothers huh?
  15. Big thanks to Danum Blades

    Absolutely beautiful! 👍
  16. No room for cats outside

    Yes. If your dog is in my garden (presumed off leash) either crapping or killing, then yes., fair game.
  17. No room for cats outside

    Nope!! I am NOT going to say 😇 ............................... 'cept that none come a crapping/killing in my garden any more . 👍
  18. Oak balls

    Do they do any long-lasting harm to the tree? Is it an infestation or the norm? (My oak has been absolutely laden this year)
  19. Paraglider apparently don’t have to lock down

    Fabulous films. Wonderful Thanks. :D
  20. Wild cattle

    Yes. Me too. Have listened to the first couple of mins. looking forward to the full listen. Thanks. 👍
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