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  1. For Sale: Ruger M77 mounts suitable for hornet action

    Hi acormack These have been sold sorry
  2. For Sale: Ruger M77 mounts suitable for hornet action

    Hi Flanker the the hornet action which is used for the 357 and 44 calibre rifles along with the rimfire calibre rifles are the flat top actions, same height rings. It’s the larger calibre M77 which has the different height rings. But thanks for reminding me to put that on this thread.
  3. For Sale: 3 novels for sale

    Hi Guys Thought i would stick these in here. james pattersons novel absolute zero good condition for sale £2.00 including postage John Grisham the reckoning good condition £2.00 including postage John Grisham rogue lawyer good condition £2.00 including postage Paypal family please Thanks for...
  4. For Sale: Few bits from the back of the cupboard

    Hi Guys Having a bit of a turf out and found a few things: Smart reloading tray suitable for 22 hornet to 300 win mag barely used. £7.50 incl. postage Lee 3 die set for 22 hornet, no box used but in good condition. £20 + £5.00 postage 100 44 special cases fired mixed head stamp £15.00 + £6.00...
  5. For Sale: Ruger M77 mounts suitable for hornet action

    Hi Guys I have a set of satin finished 30mm high mounts for a ruger m77/22. They have been lightly used but in their original packaging. Ruger component numbers 5K30 & 6K30 Now sold Thanks for looking.
  6. Wanted: wildcat cub 2

  7. Wanted: wildcat cub 2

    Dagben77 pm sent
  8. Wanted: wildcat cub 2

    Hi gents and ladies Was wondering if anyone might have a wildcat cub 2 suitable for 22 hornet knocking about that they dont want, 1/2 inch unf thread please? Thanks for looking. Alled
  9. Wanted: Ruger mounts

    Hi Guys I am after a set of medium or low 1 inch mounts suitable for a ruger m77/22 hornet. i think that mean the ones that are different lengths. doesnt matter what asthetic condition as long as they are straight. if you have someone drop me a pm many thanks for any help. Regards Alled12
  10. 6mm remington

    Hi Guys and Gals I have recently acquired a 6mm remington. I will eventually reload but initially i would like to get my hands on some loaded ammo. I know Norman Clarke has some ammo 100 grainers i think. Does anyone know of any other gunshops that have some in stock preferably a varmint weight...
  11. Why was she staring at me???

    To many things i could say about that one lol :-D
  12. High praise indeed!

    Back to hangings on the village green, 10 lashes for any troll caught. Yep a bit capital punishment never hurt, unless you were the recipient lol. Hello lads and ladies I'm back :-D
  13. New Member

    Welcome to the site and I trust you are having a good season at present. regards Alled12
  14. Pit roast

    Stone it is relatively straight forward. I would do it slightly differently, but the principle is the same. First dig a pit about 2 to 3 foot deep and about 4 foot long and 2 foot wide. Next build a big fire next to the pit. Find some large stones, sandstone is good i believe, But any will do as...

    Beowulf And you say I write long posts :-D Very interesting indeed though.
  16. After Quex

    Wadas Talk about a case of anorexia or what. :-D :-D
  17. link

    Swampy I happen to be a member of that one. I must say excellent technical website. The man to speak to about reloading and other technical stuff including wildcating is vermincinerator, great guy and unofficial benchrest record holder. I believe it was 0.068 inch and 200 yards. I will see if I...
  18. Rem Case Quality

    With Remmington Brass the vast majority of advice says you should ream the primer pockets with a saami cut reamer. Their are numerous available, sinclair international make a good one. Your should also deburr the primer flash hole. With remington brass the flash hole is punched and this can...
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