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  1. Deer in Northern Ireland

    I’d need to blindfold you 😜
  2. Deer in Northern Ireland

    no shortage of deer in antrim, in on the antrim derry border
  3. Deer in Northern Ireland

    What county are you in?
  4. Deer in Northern Ireland

    Could be
  5. “Game On” in NI

    Are you not restricted to travel within a10 mile radius
  6. Deer in Northern Ireland

    I had one boy tell me he saw muntjac in the north, mind you the same lad showed me a picture of a sika hind that was actually a fallow doe🤔. What I’m saying is, don’t believe everything you hear
  7. Wanted: Harkila trousers

    I think 52 is a uk 36
  8. Sold: Pro-Hunter trousers

    Sorry sold
  9. Sold: Pro-Hunter trousers

    Hi a pair of pro hunter trousers never been worn hunting size euro 46 £135 posted Can WhatsApp pictures
  10. Nomad re-tape ?

  11. Sold: Swazi nahanni

    Hi it’s the dark green one If you send me your number I will WhatsApp you pictures
  12. Sold: Swanddri jacket

    Hi genuine nz made swanddri jacket size large in dpm cammo It has a small repair on the bottom of the backside £70 posted Sorry won’t allow me to add pictures I can WhatsApp if required
  13. Sold: Swazi nahanni

    Swazi nahanni in size medium only worn a handful of times £90 po
  14. Sold: Altberg boots

    Pm sent
  15. Gen 6 calibration error

    I have found the cold weather can make them go a bit funny
  16. Binos.

    Keep looking a pair will turn up
  17. Sold: Altberg boots

    I have these boots for sale as they are just slightly too big for me 😩 Size 11.5 only worn twice I’m not sure of the model but they’re similar to the veldthog boots though slightly shorter I’m looking £100 posted
  18. Binos.

    If I was in your shoes I’d buy a 2 nd hand pair of Swarovski’s
  19. Faulty jacket where do I stand?

    I’ve heard others having problems with Swazi aegis material
BRACES of Bristol - Mauser M12 with Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10x56 Illuminated Scope