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  1. For Sale: 3 novels for sale

    Hi Guys Thought i would stick these in here. james pattersons novel absolute zero good condition for sale £2.00 including postage John Grisham the reckoning good condition £2.00 including postage John Grisham rogue lawyer good condition £2.00 including postage Paypal family please Thanks for...
  2. For Sale: Few bits from the back of the cupboard

    Hi Guys Having a bit of a turf out and found a few things: Smart reloading tray suitable for 22 hornet to 300 win mag barely used. £7.50 incl. postage Lee 3 die set for 22 hornet, no box used but in good condition. £20 + £5.00 postage 100 44 special cases fired mixed head stamp £15.00 + £6.00...
  3. For Sale: Ruger M77 mounts suitable for hornet action

    Hi Guys I have a set of satin finished 30mm high mounts for a ruger m77/22. They have been lightly used but in their original packaging. Ruger component numbers 5K30 & 6K30 Now sold Thanks for looking.
  4. Wanted: wildcat cub 2

    Hi gents and ladies Was wondering if anyone might have a wildcat cub 2 suitable for 22 hornet knocking about that they dont want, 1/2 inch unf thread please? Thanks for looking. Alled
  5. Wanted: Ruger mounts

    Hi Guys I am after a set of medium or low 1 inch mounts suitable for a ruger m77/22 hornet. i think that mean the ones that are different lengths. doesnt matter what asthetic condition as long as they are straight. if you have someone drop me a pm many thanks for any help. Regards Alled12
  6. 6mm remington

    Hi Guys and Gals I have recently acquired a 6mm remington. I will eventually reload but initially i would like to get my hands on some loaded ammo. I know Norman Clarke has some ammo 100 grainers i think. Does anyone know of any other gunshops that have some in stock preferably a varmint weight...
  7. One for Legaleagle

    Legal i think this is one for you. I was just reading a thread on another forum, talking about pistols. Having studied things a little further it would appear that pistols of all types are still legal in Northern Ireland. Last time I looked this was part of Great Britian or UK which ever you...
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