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Territory Hunting
  1. Miss Piggy

    Must have been quite a heart-in-mouth moment
  2. Wanted: Beating in Surrey

    I was hoping to introduce my eldest boy, still little at 6 but keen, to beating this winter. He went picking up in a papoose slung round his mother as a baby in Somerset, but I doubt he learned much! We've recently moved to Surrey and I've somewhat abandoned game shooting in favour of stalking...
  3. Ticks

    Is anyone else suddenly finding loads of ticks? The dog, the boy and the wife have had one each and I’ve had three in the past week alone.
  4. Tonight’s stalk

    Spotted an ear in the long grass at the bottom of a large field this evening c300 yards away downwind. A long stalk round the edge including crawling to get downwind and close to the owner of the ear...and it was a young doe. I got a nice couple of minutes of video of her as she grazed past me...
  5. Barbed wire

    Out on a new ground recently and the whole place is thoroughly fenced in barbed wire. Field accesses are noisy padlocked gates which have to be climbed unless you can get over the wire. Does anyone do anything other than try to climb over it and get their crotch stuck, or pull a strand up and...
  6. Bisley Reopening

    Looks like Bisley will open from tomorrow.
  7. What do you do with spare rounds?

    Just thinking about the logistics of shooting driven boar (or anything else driven really), and it occurred to me I don’t know what people do with spare rounds to have them ready to load quickly. Do you put them in a pocket, or a belt like you would with shotgun?
  8. PHE - only read if you want to get angry...

    Seems like PHE have got a lot to answer for
  9. Wanted: Swarovski Z6i 1-6x24

    Looking for the above, ideally EE model to suit a lightweight 9.3x74R. Anybody have one gathering dust they’d feel like parting with? TM
  10. Unconditional

    I’ve just been issued with a varied certificate which has only the four statutory conditions. Nothing at all about what or where I can shoot. Is that normal now? I’m presuming it means I can do what I like with the guns (within the law and common sense). My old certificate was open but had the...
  11. Bullet behaviour

    Shot a roe recently. 70 yards, broadside on, completely static both before and immediately after the shot (before HL reaction and run). 6.5 with 120gn prohunter reloads. When we found the carcass, it was obvious something odd had happened. The entry wound was in the right place - about a...
  12. BSRC

    Anyone know what’s going on? I’ve got a few weeks off and was hoping to get down there, but the calendar on their website has been showing “no events” for the past few weeks.
  13. Brexit celebrations in Westminster

    Any Brexiteers on here fancy attending the free party in Westminster Square and hearing Big Ben bong us out of the EU...the sign up page for free tickets is here I may not be the most enthusiastic...
  14. How long before Harry becomes an anti?

    Some disgracefully rude behaviour to HM. Don’t hold back Piers...
  15. Anyone ever shot one of these?
  16. Open slot

    I think the answer to this may be obvious but here goes...I have a cert with an open slot on it. I’ve bought a rifle in that calibre and had to return it as it was faulty. So my cert still shows an open slot, but with manual entries for a purchase and sale of a rifle in that calibre. I’m...
  17. First ND

    Well, after several hundred assorted shooting days I’ve finally had an ND. Happened as we got back to the truck, I pointed the gun at the ground, took the mag out and took the safety off to open the bolt. Rifle discharged into the ground six feet away immediately the safety was disapplied -...
  18. Driven boar scope

    Hi all I’ve just taken delivery of an over/under double in 30-06. Plan is to use it for driven boar but maybe also some close-range woodland stalking in the UK. Does anyone have any pointers or recommendations for a scope? I was thinking of an illuminated 1-to something plus swing-off mounts...
  19. The Madness of Plod

    Seriously, what sort of idiots do they have in charge? It’s no wonder real crime is rising.
  20. Interesting job!

    There’s some good jobs out there...anyone fancy being a professional falconer?