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  1. Short 6.5 x 47 L

    Im looking into having a short handy rifle built for me in the above calibre, what are you guys thoughts on barrel length for the Lapua. I dont really want it to be longer than 18 inches. Does anyone have any practical experience with something like this, and what sort of velocities could I...
  2. For Sale: CZ 452 American 17HMR

    As above, beech stock, 16 inch barrel, trigger kit. Comes with 5 round metal mag and 10 round polymer mag, and SAK moderator. Photon XT 4.6 x 42 also available. Selling to fund custom build. Low usage 500 rounds at most. Looking for Rifle £200 still available. Nightvision now sold. PM me if...
  3. For Sale: Sako 85 .308 stainless laminate

    As above selling this as part of my gun safe clear out to fund a custom build. This Sako is a great gun and has done me very well, It's still in use that's why the scope is still on. The scope is not part of this sale nor is the sling. I'm selling the rifle, together with the stainless optilock...
  4. For Sale: .280 Brock & Norris Sako 75 semi custom

    I'm selling my .280 rem Sako 75 built by Mr Norris and re stocked by Neil Mckillop with a McMillan A5. Round count is under 300 total fired. This rifle comes with over 50 rounds ( loaded by Mike Norris) an ASE utra S5 mod, invisible thread protector, recknagel pic rail and Redding reloading dies...
  5. For Sale: Abs rem 700 sa stock

    Black abs stock for rem 700 , adl I believe. This used to be on my 223 so short action. Spotter channel .Reasonable used condition, could do someone a turn. Looking for £30 posted.
  6. Sold: Slightly shortened forend laminate stock for SA remington 700

    As above, good condition laminate stock, slightly shortened at the forend, heavy barrel inlet suit varmint/SPS. Im looking for £65 posted. Please PM me with any questions.
  7. Sold: HS precision remington SA stock

    As per the title, for sale is my stock I have been using on my .223 Remington SPS. It has an aluminium bedding block and is inlet for use with a magazine. It also has 2 forward sling swivel attachments. Used but good condition. Im looking for £150 posted to mainland. Please PM me if you have any...
  8. Wanted: McMillan A5 adjustable butt pad spacers

    Hi just wondering if anyone had any McMillan A5 butt pad spacers floating about that they wont miss...... I,m quite tall so I do need a few. Please PM me with what you have (if any) and price. Kind regards Ingy
  9. Sold: MITSUBISHI PAJERO 2.5 SWB shooting truck

    Selling my Mitsubishi shooting 4x4 truck, Its a Pajero, with the arctic pack, I don't know entirely what that really relates to but I do know the heater is brilliant! Its a short wheelbase, with the 2.5 diesel engine, not as quick as the 2.8 but not as juicy either (I've owned both). Its...
  10. Sold: ASE UTRA SL5 .25 cal

    ASE UTRA SL5 .25 cal for sale, 1/2 unf thread, its had around 200 rounds through it and is in good condition. I'm looking to clear £100 for it, so face to face £100 or it will be plus RFD cost of £25. Please PM me if interested. Kind regards Ingy
  11. Are Canada geese worth eating

    Evening gents, I was invited out last night to shoot geese over a mates flight pond, and to cut a long story short I've walked away with three Canada geese that I have just breasted out. Now I have heard people say not to bother trying to eat them as they taste like dirt, but my mates say to...
  12. £50 letter from my GP to renew my licience!!

    Good afternoon gentlemen, just thought I would run this past a few of you for an opinion....... I am in the process of renewing my coterminous firearm and shotgun certificate, this morning however I have received a letter from my doctors surgery saying they will not respond to the police request...
  13. Hello to all

    Having looked through the forum on and off for a while now, I thought it best I sign up. Lately I have had a few questions spring to mind that I felt may be worth getting some other opinions on. I have been stalking for several years now and passed my dsc1 in 2012, and am in the process of...
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