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BRACES of Bristol - Mauser M12 with Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10x56 Illuminated Scope
  1. Miss Piggy

    I think the sort of chap who kneels to shoot a charging lion would probably find it a bit of a relief for his legs, which are probably quite tired from standing up under the tremendous weight of his testicles.
  2. Heres one for you Blaser lovers.

    I'm sure they're well made rifles...but the looks...if they were a person they'd be from Chingford and drive a Lexus and like telling people how much they spent on holidays last year.
  3. Sold: Harkila full leather trouser

    I think you'll find he's skinny shaming. Well, he is from my point of view.
  4. Shooting game in back garden - legal?

    And I feel I should clarify this was absolutely not the sort of petting zoo bored mothers bring their brood to. The bored mothers were meant to visit on their own.
  5. Shooting game in back garden - legal?

    ...with sadly unfulfilled aspirations to become a petting zoo.
  6. The Quest has ended . . . .

    Hmm, quite a dilemma...leave it as nature intended, or hang a mod, scope and pair of furry dice off it.
  7. Shooting game in back garden - legal?

    I wish the contents of my underpants were grand enough to require a formal front porch.
  8. Shooting game in back garden - legal?

    Must say I've got the same issue. Garden is only 4 acres including woodland, but just outside a rural village and backing onto about 300 acres of woods which are private and not shot (in a wider area which is mostly woodland with little shooting). I've got deer fencing courtesy of a former...
  9. Miss Piggy

    My thoughts exactly. I bet he had quite a time of it one way or another.
  10. Miss Piggy

    Must have been quite a heart-in-mouth moment
  11. Land approval and variation

    But that's literally what people usually mean by "open" i.e. it doesn't have the condition that it can only be used on land cleared for the purpose
  12. Decent small axe for clearing small wind blown trees

    Gransfors small forest axe, what a tool. Got mine a few years ago and it immediately felt like it was made for me. Had to take down a dangerous mature tree last week in our woodland, and initially took a felling axe but after a couple of blows thought "sod it" and took out the gransfors -...
  13. Sir Lewis Hamilton

    They should have knighted the stool he used.
  14. Sir Lewis Hamilton

    I really don’t like sportsmen and women getting knight- and damehoods in their youth. Rank Blair-esque populism. They should wait until they are well retired and can show they’ve lived a decent and preferably charitable life as well as eg driving quickly in circles or running very fast for a...
  15. A heart warming New Year tale where the pikies lost!

    Happy New Year everyone! And if this is to be believed, it might get even happier...
  16. A heart warming New Year tale where the pikies lost!

    Think they have an absolute right to come here from before the EU days
  17. Sleeping bags.

    I use a snugpak 5 season bag in the hammock in winter. Bulky thing and I wouldn’t want to hike with it, but couple of reindeer skins underneath and it’s pretty warm.
  18. What it's really like in the hospitals at the moment.

    T The NHS is set up to give good care to a single patient, but sadly not to give rough and ready care to mass casualties. Given the nature of a respiratory pandemic we really need to look at whether our own clinical care standards get in the way of doing the necessary job in extreme...
  19. Hello from Surrey

    Welcome from the Surrey Hills!
BRACES of Bristol - Mauser M12 with Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10x56 Illuminated Scope