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  1. Sold: AICS 2.0 Folding Stock for Remington 700 SA

    If still available, please send some pics. Many thanks Ingy
  2. For Sale: .280 Brock & Norris Sako 75 semi custom

    I'm holding it pending variation at present. If anything changes I will let you know. Thank you for your interest. Ingy
  3. For Sale: .280 Brock & Norris Sako 75 semi custom

    Holding rifle for 25 sharps subject to the usual.
  4. Short 6.5 x 47 L

    Thank you all for your input, interestingly I considered 18 inches the absolute minimum, now tempted to go a little shorter. Mmm decisions decisions. I knew .308 were still effective at short barrel lengths, but imagine them to be loud and snappy, I'm pleased to hear that the 6.5L is still...
  5. Wanted: Ase Ultra Moderator for .308

    Yes I've got an ase northstar if your interested. Looking for £125 clear for it. Drop me a pm on here if you want to know more. All the best Ingy
  6. What is the fascination with short barrels in the UK

    For me the benefit of a shorter barrel outweighs the reduced range capacity of the rifle. The vast majority of my deer are taken sub 200 metres and usually in or around woodland. Having a more manouvetable and quicker to point rifle will translate to more animals on the ground, it's as simple as...
  7. For Sale: Sako 85 .308 stainless laminate

    Still available.
  8. For Sale: Sako 85 .308 stainless laminate

    Nope, still available.
  9. Wanted: Sako 75 IV McMillan Stock

    I might have one for sale as I may decide to split the components on my .280 rifle, currently advertised on here. (You can view it in the classified firearms section). Its a McMillan A5. Let me know if you may be interested via PM. All the best Ingy
  10. Short 6.5 x 47 L

    Mmm, it's starting to sound better than I was expecting.:thumb: Thanks for all your responses!
  11. Short 6.5 x 47 L

    Thanks for that Blueroll, that's also sounds very interesting.
  12. Short 6.5 x 47 L

    Cool, that sounds reasonable then! You do realise your gonna be building it, dont you mate! Dunno why I didnt ask your advice in the first place.:doh:
  13. Short 6.5 x 47 L

    Im looking into having a short handy rifle built for me in the above calibre, what are you guys thoughts on barrel length for the Lapua. I dont really want it to be longer than 18 inches. Does anyone have any practical experience with something like this, and what sort of velocities could I...
  14. For Sale: CZ 452 American 17HMR

    yes Paul, no problem.
  15. For Sale: CZ 452 American 17HMR

    As above, beech stock, 16 inch barrel, trigger kit. Comes with 5 round metal mag and 10 round polymer mag, and SAK moderator. Photon XT 4.6 x 42 also available. Selling to fund custom build. Low usage 500 rounds at most. Looking for Rifle £200 still available. Nightvision now sold. PM me if...
  16. For Sale: Sako 85 .308 stainless laminate

    As above selling this as part of my gun safe clear out to fund a custom build. This Sako is a great gun and has done me very well, It's still in use that's why the scope is still on. The scope is not part of this sale nor is the sling. I'm selling the rifle, together with the stainless optilock...
  17. For Sale: .280 Brock & Norris Sako 75 semi custom

    I'm selling my .280 rem Sako 75 built by Mr Norris and re stocked by Neil Mckillop with a McMillan A5. Round count is under 300 total fired. This rifle comes with over 50 rounds ( loaded by Mike Norris) an ASE utra S5 mod, invisible thread protector, recknagel pic rail and Redding reloading dies...
  18. For Sale: Remington 700 Stainless Custom 280 Rem

    It's also a very nice calibre. Good luck with the sale.
  19. Wanted: 308 Stalking Rifle

    Spoilt for choice then! Im sure you will find something from this little lot. Happy hunting!:)
  20. Wanted: 308 Stalking Rifle

    I have a stainless laminate stock sako 85 in 308. 20 inch barrel, fluted and screw cut. Would come complete with optilock rings. PM me if interested.
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