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  1. Wanted: Farm quad

    Looking for a farm quad, close to East Sussex if possible. 4wd preferred, anything considered. Doesn't need to be pretty, just reliable. Thanks
  2. Sold: DT single dog box

    Any interest in single DT box as pictured. Really good condition. Good thing about the DT boxes is they clean up like new due to the robust plastic they are made out of. Can be hosed out , jet washed and so on. 2 keys. Would suit spaniel, got a bit snug for my Bavarian hence sale. Any questions...
  3. Wanted: Lintran double dog box

    Looking for one of the bigger lintran boxes in East Sussex. Doesn’t need to be fancy but ideally lockable. Thanks
  4. Wanted: Ranger or D-max

    Looking for a ranger or D-max, close to south east as possible. 2010 onwards, nothing mega high mileage! If anyone has or knows of one more info would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  5. Wanted: Anyone have one of these rails for browning A-bolt...?

    Long shot I know, but wondering if anyone has one of the rails below for sale. For some reason I can’t create an account to buy it on Alan Rhone and they are the only website that lists the measurements it would seem!!
  6. Picatinny rail for browning medallion

    Does anybody know which picatinny rail is required for a browning medallion in 22-250 (to eventually mount pard 008 on). The bases on which the day scope currently sits have 2 Allen keys in each. Lined up centrally, whereas all the rails I have found have 4 screws in each... Hope that makes...
  7. Free: .243 brass

    Got loads of .243 brass up for grabs if they are of any use to anyone? Mainly Norma, few federal, few geco. Quite a few in the Norma round holder things if you want them. All once fired.
  8. Wanted: Pard 008

    Anyone have a 008 they are looking to part with. Must be In good working order! Please pm me any details! Cheers
  9. Wanted: Fox trap

    Anyone have a decent fox trap they would be willing to part with? Bought an online special and the quality is woefully poor. East Sussex area. Many thanks
  10. Fox mask wanted

    Looking for a fox mask. Nothing fancy, in fact older and thread bare would be great. Any advice on where to find one and what would be a realistic price would be welcomed. I’m not a collector and know nothing about it, will just be for the wall of the gun cupboard. Thanks
  11. Niggeloh tracking harness sizing

    Anybody know the correct harness size for a Bavarian mountain hound? Thanks
  12. Deer skins for dog training

    Due to the terrible weather and family commitments I haven’t had much success stalking lately, which means I haven’t got any skins left for my dog training. If anyone in East Sussex has any skins/offcuts of skins they would be prepared to part with I would be most grateful! They don’t need to be...
  13. Selling deer to pubs etc.

    Had a couple of the local pubs express an interest in buying some venison. I want to keep it all above board and traceable so, with that in mind I am wondering what certification etc. You need. Don’t really want to go down the dsc2 route if there’s another way? Would be looking to sell carcasses...
  14. Wanted: Dog box

    Dog box wanted, that will fit a Bavarian mountain hound. East Sussex if possible. Thanks
  15. Wanted: Any upcoming litters of Bavarian mountain hounds?

    Hoping to find a Bmh pup towards the end of the year, if anyone knows any coming up would be most appreciated. Thanks
  16. Game dealers in East Sussex?

    Anyone know of any (reliable) game dealers in East Sussex? Everyone seems to be packing up or not taking any deer at the moment. Thanks in advance.
  17. Wanted: Nordik sika call

    Does anyone have a spare nordik sika call up for sale before I buy a new one? Many thanks.
  18. Cz452 bolts .17 hmr and .22 lr help required!!!

    Hi, I have 2 cz452’s... one hmr and one LR, like a fool I have managed to confuse the 2 bolts, which to me look identical. Is there any obvious defining features to tell the 2 apart? Any help would be most appreciated!!
  19. Wanted: Fallow grunt/call reed style call

    Does anyone have or know where to get one of the reed calls with the flexi pipe on the end? Most places sold out this time of year, fancy giving one a try. cheers
  20. For Sale: Leupold vxl 4.5-14 x 50

    Leupold vxl, very good condition, clean glass. very minor marks on body including (tried to show in pictures). Includes Leupold flip up covers which were over £100! comes with paperwork, tags and Leupold box. Think this is a duplex reticle... Please message me for pictures, having trouble...