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  1. Need help understanding women.

    Our Christmas dinner has been given a name and poses for selfies with the wife so I was overruled about his final end. no problem I will get one without a name so I did well the face says it all what the f~~~k have I done wrong?
  2. Hitler and the vortex Strike Eagle

  3. Sold: Sako rings 25mm and Bases

    Sako rings 25mm and Bases Came of a sako L619 £45 posted.
  4. Sold: Webley tempest air pistol

    Webley tempest air pistol in its original box fully functioning, overall condonation I would say is good Pm me for photos. Would prefer FTF but will post if byer pays postage. looking for £80
  5. What’s this Can you identify it?

    Looks like it may have its roots in the food industry? Stalking friend recued it from a scrap pile and sent me these photos I have not got a clue.
  6. Another ebay special

    I am correct in thinking that if there is powder and primers included in the sale it should not be posted...
  7. potentially dangerous?

    Just seen this on the web for sale think he may have got his wires crossed (potentially dangerous me thinks ) What I would use it for...
  8. Sold: Sako L619 stock

    Sako L691 stock off a finnbear deluxe (270W) quite a nice piece of wood, its gone a little dark over the years I am sure someone could fetch it back to its former glory. Its not what I would call pristine but in very good order please look at the photos the recoil lug is bedded and the front...
  9. For Sale: agricultural land/lancashire

    For sale agricultural land I have decided to sell of a parcel of land I own suitable for many uses(subject to necessary planning) or just an investment. 29 acers approximately no agricultural buildings but being over 5ha would benefit from permitted agricultural development rights. Over 20...
  10. Sold: 270 win Bits

    A few 270 bits 1.Forster benchrest/ultra Micrometer seating die with seating stem that seats the sst and eldx range of bullets without damage, this was special order from Forster cost $54 plus postage . £85 posted. 2. Lee Precision Collet Rifle Die. £12.posted sold 3.36. ELDX 145g £15 posted...
  11. Well this is one deer I didn’t want to have to have shot.

    He was my stock stag for only 15 hinds I kept them for a hobby I get a real buzz just out of looking at deer. The grand kids would come at rutting time and call at him through the fencing and he would roar back he never failed to impress. He came from Julian Stoyel when he was at Holkham well...
  12. Sold: Warne maxima 30mm medium rings

    £40 including postage
  13. Sold: 6.5x57 Mauser dies

    Wanted 6.5x57 Mauser dies (Rimless) Any one got a set stuck in the drawer? All sorted now :thumb:
  14. For Sale: Lyman 300-win mag neck sizing die

    Lyman 300-win mag neck sizing die £30posted.
  15. Sold: 270 CAL - 130g Hornady SST

    For sale 158,270 CAL - 130g Hornady SST £55 including postage.
  16. supplier of HBN

    I have decided to give bullet coating a go, HBN is the way I will be going anyone recommend supplier in the uk?
  17. Identification help- Danger explosive

    Over the lockdown the kids have given the metal detector some serious use Some very interesting local military badges turned up ww1 I think? several musket balls and 303 Bullets not Hundreds probably about a dozen and randomly scatted about the farm makes you think why they would be hear? One...
  18. screw torque settings

    screw torque settings simple just follow the manufactures recommendations? Well in this instance I have my concerns it’s a aluminium base for a sight, at this moment it’s all I will say as I am waiting to get a reply from the distributor on a query I have so will give them a chance to reply...
  19. Sold: Dog box

    Not traveling to Scotland with the dog anymore so the dog box needs a new home takes up too much room in the shed cost over £400 and had very little use. It was originally made for 2 smaller dogs I have removed the middle partition as my dog is a Lab. Took out the pop rivets and still have...
  20. Sold: Brno / cz .22lr 10 shot steel mag

    Brno/ cz .22lr 10 shot steel mag £30 posted
BRACES of Bristol - Mauser M12 with Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10x56 Illuminated Scope