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  1. Sold: Great Quality Skeet Vest - 4XL

    £25 posted?
  2. No room for cats outside

    and kids
  3. If you dont laugh you are ill.

    when you look at your post nothing happens you need to click on it
  4. Legendary Landrover Defender Reliability

    until you need parts they are 2 to 3 times the price of landrover stuff even the brakes / filters etc normal stuff, mate had a toyota steering lock pack up a few years ago, £350 and 2 weeks wait, I looked up a range rover one £70 and here the next day.
  5. Prizewinners September 2020

    you need to stay in bed mate, has "nurse" been to see you?
  6. BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I recall the turkeys being quite daft when I was in the US, a catapult (slingshot to you) would be enough
  7. An amusing way to get the message across!

    but but but you kill stuff.............
  8. What is the antithesis of serendipity?

    I have her car on monthly payments for tax, that way I dont forget the others are taxed monthly but sorned when not needed.
  9. Have you worked out your cost per round?

    La La la............. not listening
  10. Are we heading for another "Full Lock Down"?

    its the me me me generation
  11. Are we heading for another "Full Lock Down"?

    a local 17 yr old came back from holiday testing positive, a couple of days later she went out on her 18th into lots of pubs and bars on a saturday night, expect a huge rise in local numbers.
  12. An impatient dog that loves to argue.

    ours find that barking in the house makes their arse hurt
  13. Why the countryside can’t operate under Packham’s flag of peace

    so how do you really feel about this?
  14. Sold: Clearout 7mm/.284” bullets

    can I have the 175 Sierra pro hunter 120gr 7mm/.284” #1900 £35 the lot + post
  15. How many rounds to you take Stalking

    5 in the mag, another 5 in a wallet, they dont take any carrying, you never know you may need more than one shot.
  16. Hunting lease game in Germany

    a polite way of saying go away
  17. It's not all about pulling the trigger..

    I had a similar experience a year or so back, ended up 10 feet away from him, didnt shoot
  18. Chiller problem. Urgent!

    the technical term is buggered can you re wire it with a bypass?
  19. 12 bore Reloading

    I load a few shotgun shells, but cost wise its not worth doing, apart from AAA or other large shot sizes.
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