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Leica Amplus 6
  1. Estate rifle

    Mate of mine lives on a farm, he has applied for Fac, and has shotgun cert, they are overun with rabbits his dad lives off the farm has a .22rf but is in isolation, (cough sore throat etc,) I read it as he is both the occupier and servant, he can his dads rifle under the estate rifle clause? I...
  2. RSPCA again?
  3. need a favour, short length of antler.

    we were at the overland show over the weekend, my mates lad set his heart on a stag antler woggle, the lad was taken ill so had to go home with mum before geting one, and we forgot to go buy one, can anyome supply a few inches of say 30mm dia antler? I will happly pay for it, and postage.
  4. Deer as vermin?? er:roll:
  5. just had a visit from RSPCA

    sat here having lunch, knock on the door from a bloke in uniform, tels me he has had a report of me trapping birds, you mean the larson trap? someone let the call bird out a couple of weeks ago, had a reasonable chat, he wants to call me out for RTAs locally for deer.:-D
  6. I bet no one asks for a cat cull? TB from cats?
  7. Forget something? WAG leaves assault rifle in back of rental car
  8. Halloween

    Apparently the Jehovah's don't do Halloween. Ironic they don't appreciate a 'festival' which involves turning up on people's doorstep uninvited..
  9. group buy?

    could be useful
  10. getting married?

    just the thing for the cake?
  11. Well it is Deer related

  12. So where were the RSPCA in this one?
  13. EBay bike

    There is a bike for sale here somewhere, cant quite see it myself
  14. Only in Bradford
  15. Anyone we know?

    no names no pack drill
  16. Made me laugh

    went out this aft for a roe, needed for the shoot dinner next week, went to my mates about half a mile away, but drove round the long was as the ditch is full and about 6 foot across, anyway parked well away, snuck up the back of the main drainage run, (saw a kingfisher and loads of teal)...
  17. Amulance chasers I think someone upset the IT guy, read the customer comment half way down on the right,
  18. Why do people ********?

    Just been talking to someone who insists he shoots all his deer at 1200yds, its an accuracy international 6mm apparently, and met a bloke last week who tells me he has a special licence to deerstalk with his bow,:doh: edit the missing word starts Bulls...
  19. Rspca petition to stop them wasting the charitable funds given to them on prosecutions.
  20. how to pay a fine?
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