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  1. Close quarters

    Keeper of the estate had suggested a route that I could take to get me behind an area where I had previously shot a buck. It depended on wind direction and a North West seemed to be good for the Roe to come out into at this location. So on Thursday I headed out and parked on the South side of...
  2. Is this a record ?

    Just got a FAC variation back from Police Scotland in exactly 8 days after submitting. What a service ! Had heard that variations were taking up to 16 weeks.
  3. Two different days

    Went up onto my permission ground earlier in the week for a look to see if any Roe appearing out in the evening. This ground is not far from where I live and is a number of fields alongside a large wooded plantation. I have shot 5 Roe in the last 4 months from here but continue to see a good...
  4. Hi from new member

    Hi all. I have been shooting shotgun for many years and started rifle shooting a couple of years ago. Thanks to a couple of patient friends who have mentored me. Got FAC this year and got the DSC1 through BASC. Realised there is a lot to learn so hopefully will pick up a lot here. I shoot with a...
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