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  1. What pick up?

    I love my Hilux, 2006 model had it since 2010, brilliant truck. 25mpg around the hilly lanes, 33mpg on a run, but if you need to ask about mpg then you can't afford a truck;) Cheers Richard
  2. UK could be set to shrink.

    And a wall, and get them to pay for it....where did I hear that before:lol: @big ears
  3. Norfolk Deer Search

    Welcome, can you travel to Devon if needed?;) Cheers Richard
  4. Stupid question...... MOD won’t fit....

    And here we find the true hidden solution quoted by the wife, 'darling, it's righty tighty, lefty loosey' Cheers Richard
  5. Stalking/Hunting in the US.

    Bob I think you have it the wrong way around, getting on private is the challenge unless they are enrolled in the BMA. But too be honest there is so much public land it's not necessary to access the private, but I did rock up to one ranch one day and just asked, 'yes no problem the rancher said...
  6. Scafell Pike.

    I highly recommend doing the 'striding edge' on Helvellyn in the fog, just make sure your wife know's I like Sage rods.! Have a great time there. Cheers Richard
  7. Kuiu Yukon Jacket - Sizing and reviews

    Sorry I don't, I believe they are mail order only in the US. Sitka gear and KUIU ship though. Cheers Richard
  8. Swazi or Stoney Creek Jacket?

    Which Sitka Gear clothing? Cheers Richard
  9. Kuiu Yukon Jacket - Sizing and reviews

    Plenty info on here just search, issues with cuffs I believe. I have been looking around again, to add to my clothing, looked at First Lite and KUIU, but have come back to Sitka Gear Cheers Richard
  10. Experts please advise: inexplicable barrel fouling - affecting accuracy - "lumps" in lands Post 4 for a great photo!
  11. Heres one for you Blaser lovers.

    I have noticed in the main the people who hate Blasers the most are the people who can't afford one :lol:
  12. Experts please advise: inexplicable barrel fouling - affecting accuracy - "lumps" in lands

    Yep, that's what he has got, my mate had one, got into a right dispute with Blaser (he is also anal with his cleaning) whilst they never admitted they had done a run of faulty steel they did supply him with a replacement barrel, but he had to pay for it, albeit at a discounted rate. Never had an...
  13. 2 man high seat

    I made this for less than £100 @mchughcb it is heavy but us Devonians are strong in the arm (I won't complete the rhyme :lol: ) but it didn't stop some anti twat chucking it into a stream last year. Cheers Richard
  14. First lite clothing uk

    Same as KUIU, mail order only.
  15. Sending your FAC away

    That is spot on and correct. It's exactly what I did when I sold a rifle on here last year, we both sent the FAC special delivery and it worked well, sorry for your experience @Woodsmoke that is a real PITA Cheers Richard
  16. Looking for advice on silent/quiet waterproof camo gear

    I use Sitka Gear, if it's just light rain I wear my Jetstream jacket, even in a sudden down pour I will be fine. If its chucking it down I wear the Cloudburst Goretex jacket, it isn't the quietest, but lets face it when it's hoofing it down the deer can't hear too much anyway! It's not cheap...
  17. Interesting piece

    At least the Guardian have published it, and a RSPB quote as well, amazing. Not sure about the statement of 35,000 acres, a slight exaggeration on his part, but at least the article is out there in the public domain so thank him for that. Cheers Richard
  18. What it's really like in the hospitals at the moment.

    Sorry, I had you on ignore, I just wondered what made you such an expert in this field, you have now answered my question:lol: Cheers Richard
  19. Bought Days / Closed Ticket

    Quite simple really, do as they ask. I did it for a client years ago, for some reason they opened up his certificate well within 5 years, must of got fed up with him informing them every time he went out with me. Cheers Richard