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  1. Beware of a scam.

    Agreed, there are so many scams on the go now that there must be an element of insider information in some. I noticed that the scam "BT" phones calls really took off after the call centres were outsourced to Asia.....
  2. Had to laugh

    I took a very similar photo a week or so ago and did not notice the dog until viewing on the computer.
  3. Sold: GRS Hunter stock

    Is there much difference in ergonomics/handling between the Berserk and the Bifrost?
  4. Sold: GRS Hunter stock

    T1 in .22 rimfire which is an intermediate weight barrel: T3 Super Varmint .223 The only gripe I have with the Bifrost stock is that the cheek rest adjustment is a bit fiddly, which can be an irritation during range shoots when the bolt has to be removed between details. It is not an issue...
  5. Derbyshire police; more quality law enforcement

    Perhaps they should have hijacked an oil tanker at sea, they would not have been stuck on for that. Daily Telegraph The way the law (well more correctly the CPS) operates in our country now is beyond me.

    She has a plan: Westminster will pay, she will claim the credit for handing out the dosh. Things get bad, she blames Westminster. Things improve, she claims the credit. Nothing new there.
  7. So now that we have completely left the EU please can somebody tell me one positive thing that we can now do which we couldn't do before

    It is correct that the UK has not recovered 100% of our sea fisheries on Day One. There is a phased return over 5.5 years to allow both sides to reorganise. The UK industry could not have utilised a total return overnight because they simply do not have the capacity to do so. Likewise the EU...
  8. Ho Bloody Ho...

    That looks chilly, a bit of drifting beginning there. We had a little bit of snow on Christmas Eve, pretty well gone now although the wind is sharp. I see you are in Grampian, me too, 12 miles north of Ellon, not far from New Deer. I enjoyed a warm white Christmas many years ago, courtesy of...
  9. Chris Packham again

    Good idea. I have sent PMs to the BASC guys who pop up on here suggesting just that. I have also contacted the Daily Telegraph Investigations team, they broke the MPs expenses scandal and are always looking for potential stories. Having his apparently questionable activities spread across a...
  10. Dog insurance plan V Pet Health Plan with your vet?

    We had a dog covered by Pet Plan years ago. As the dog gets older the premiums, the excess to be paid before Pet Plan kicks in and the list of exclusions rise exponentially. Pet Plan is a business, operating for their benefit i.e. profit, they are not there to pay out and like all insurance...
  11. Chris Packham again

    I found a link to this story on another site. I had not come across Country Squire Magazine previously, it is quite long but worth reading to the end. Country Squire Magazine
  12. Wanted: Tikka t3 aftermarket stock

    Sold for £388 + postage!
  13. Wanted: Tikka t3 aftermarket stock

    He is getting there, £361 on Sunday morning. A new one can be had for £450.
  14. Tikka T1x .22lr

    Another vote for the GRS stocks, Bifrosts for my .22 T1X and T3.
  15. Any gun shops that will buy rifles

    Try Ivythorne Sporting. I was given a very fair trade in deal, he told me that I had undervalued the shotgun I wanted to trade in and gave me more than I asked. They can be hard to get hold of, try sending an email with some photos first.
  16. Wanted: T3 adjustable stock McMillan/ pse

    Yes, the difference between the T3 and the T3X is that the T3X has the interchangeable grip panels on the stock, the action inlet is the same. The Super Varmint has a heavy barrel so the barrel channel is quite wide.
  17. Wanted: Tikka t3 aftermarket stock

    Angler's Choice Dundee: Anglers Choice Tackle And Guns Dundee gun stocks grs gun stocks Bifrost Tikka T3/X Right Hand Brown
  18. Wanted: T3 adjustable stock McMillan/ pse

    What about a Tikka T3x factory Super Varmint stock at £180 posted? As new, I bought the rifle and swapped the stock for a Bifrost. Not as posh as a McMillan but a lot cheaper!
  19. Uproar a heard of roe deer shot!

    Several of the comments suggest sedation and relocation. I thought relocation of wild deer was illegal?
  20. For Sale: Tikka GRS Berserk stock.

    I understand that is the case. I have a .223 T3 and a .22 RF T1 both in GRS Bifrost stocks.
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