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  1. Swarovski Customer Service

    Further to buying an old s/h 6x42 scope on here. I emailed Swarovski CS and asked if I could buy a replacement rubber eye cup? I thought you would all like to see the reply from Swarovski. Top firm. Happy New Year M ********************************** Hello thanks for the photos. Our UK...
  2. A British Record?

    Good news, remarkable news really. I put variation request in the post on Monday to police HQ. My FLO called me this afternoon, (Wednesday) to explain he's processing the variation today before he finishes for Christmas! OK, I have the vagaries of the Christmas Post to deal with before it's back...
  3. Daihatsu Fourtrak - Can you help me?

    If you have a Daihatsu Fourtrak, would you please spare a minute or two to help me out? What I need: I just need a photograph posting on here showing how the handbrake cables are routed above the rear diff on your truck. - see my photo below. The problem: I've had the rear crossmember...
  4. For Sale: .223 Remington key rack - upcycled / recycled material - Ideal gift

    Hi all. Here for sale at £14.99 (plus £3.10 PP) is a key rack, made from 100% upcycled / recycle material. I made a bunch of them for friends and relatives for Christmas. I have a few spare. The brass cartridge cases are .223 Remington have been fired and are empty. The wood is a hard wood...
  5. For Sale: Lee case trimming tools .300wm, .22/250

    Hi all. Lee case trimming tools for sale as a job lot, or individual calibres. They are in great condition and hardly used. I am selling because I have purchased a lathe type now. Prices below are plus postage, which will be RM 2nd class at an additional cost of £3.10 as a job lot, or £3.10 for...
  6. Game Fair.

    Will we have any in 2021? I miss them. Do you think anything like normal, will be restored ? M.
  7. Rememberence day - Who will know you care?

    Even in lockdown, we still need to remember them. But given your locked away, who will know you care? Who will see your poppy? It's a simple thing I know, but I've change my avatar to a poppy to show that I remember them. Feel free to do the same. M.
  8. How long is too long? How quick is too quick?

    Hi all. I have several vintage sporting rifles (22/250, 243, 270, 300wm). They all perform 1moa or better, some much better with my reloads. I enjoy using them, be it stalking, or target shooting, like static Sporting Rifle and Running Boar. It's the latter that has got me thinking, is the RB...
  9. Stalking around Applecross - any recommendations

    Hi all. We've booked a cottage near Applecross for a week at the end of August. The main plan is walking holiday.. However I'd like to know if anyone can recommend contacts from stalking, maybe I can combine it. Thanks in advance. M.
  10. For Sale: Remington 1100, 3 shot, s/a 12g shotgun - was£175 now £150

    Dear all, here’s an opportunity to buy a classic old Remington 1100 S/A at a great price. This one is a 3 shot, 2 ¾” chamber with a 27” fixed full choke barrel, with a 14” Length of Pull. I’ve been using it for clays for a wee while and it cycles just fine. It has lovely oiled walnut stock and...
  11. Barrel length?

    Dear all. Can anyone point me to the relevant guidance the defines the above for a shotgun. I believe the minimum is 24" in the uk. I am asking because I'd like to purchase a s/h remington barrel, that is fitted with a compensator. With the compensator fitted the overall length is over 24"...
  12. Boy that's quick work with a knife

    I watch this again, once ive beed out!
  13. Photon XT or RT

    Hi all. I am thinking of buying a Yukon night sight. There are two secondhand units available. Xt6.5 and an RT. Does anyone use them ? Which is best and why? M
  14. Wanted: Remington 870. 12g. Prefer 3 shot.

    Dear all. I am looking for an old s/h 870. Wood not plastic. Does anyone have one they are ready to part with? M.
  15. Firearms legislation - Face to Face transfer ?

    I was reading the thread “ RFD” recently and I was a bit surprised that some members were suggesting that the seller/buyer should post FACs back and forth so they can be filled in as part of a sale/transfer of the moderator. So am I missing something? Are "moderators" treated different to...
  16. Name those rounds - Just for fun!

    Here's a little quiz for all those shooting buffs out there. No prizes, other than the warm glow of being the 1st to get them all right! Just reply, listing your guess of the cartridge, going left to right. I'll let it run for a wee while, then I'll check and declare the winner.
  17. Free range casserole

    How about that? A casserole of venison, pheasant, and partridge, with roasted shallots and wee spuds. As organic and free range as you can get.
  18. Wanted: 378 Weatherby ammunition, or cases.

    As above. I'd be happy to buy old stock ammunition, or used cases and dies. Alternatively, if you have them some 338/378 Weatherby cases might do. If you're a RFD, please check I your safe just incase! M
  19. Badger set - legal issues.

    Hi all. Any lawyers out there, that can offer advise? Background A farmer friend lost a cow last night. Fallen into a collapsed badger set. The set had undermined the gate way on route to the stream, taken by the herd to get water. The hole is currently 5' deal, and about as wide. And is...
  20. Shot and Regulated by Holland & Holland

    Hi all, I saw a secondhand rifle for sale today with the above engraved on the barrel. The Rifle was manufactured by Carl Gustave. So what does the above mean? Is it any different to the normal rifle?
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