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  1. Browning x bolt 308

    Hi folks,does anybody else use factory ammo in one of these?I'm having a job zeroing mine with Federal Fusion 150grain and Winchester 150grain.Checked everything else that could be a problem so wondered if its fussy on ammo?any help would be appreciated. Andrew
  2. Woocock already!

    Out lamping last night on fields that woodcock frequent,and they are here already.This is 3 weeks earlier than last year.Does this mean we,re in for a harsh winter?:cry:
  3. Firearms in vehicles.

    Can anybody tell me if a firearm must be slipped when on public highway,driving between fields and permissions.Thanks.
  4. New member from north wales

    Hi all,been watching from sidelines for some time,finally joined. I'm from Anglesey and shoot .22 and .243.Been stalking for about a year also enjoy foxing.:cool:
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