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  1. Hunting in Europe and travelling by car. Firearms Permits

    My contribution.. 4. From 1 January 2021, GB certificate holders who wish to travel to the EU with their firearm or shotgun should contact the authorities in the...
  2. For @CarlW (he will understand).

  3. For Sale: Just 223 80gr Amax and 60gr Nosler partitions remaining

    Hi. I would like these please. Please PM me your bank details and total inc postage cost. Thanks M.
  4. ATN Range Finders

    When I was researching a while ago, the prevailing opinion was that you should 1/2 the manufacturer's claim. Thus a 1000m unit was good for about 500 in real world conditions. That advice turned out right for me and the model xxx600 that I ended up buying. And to be honest, I've never taken it...
  5. Please respond to the Home Office Survey. BASC suggested answers

    The responce that BASC suggest for question 14 and 15 makes no sense to me. I reload. And I use several different bullet style/ weights for a given calibre. To ensure consistency, I buy a couple of boxes of each at a time (3 wt, two boxes of 100, that's 600, plus the left overs before I restock...
  6. For Sale: 270 Copper Ammo

    Hi. I would be interested to know: Which brand did you find suited you best? And what rifle do you have? M
  7. Sold: Spotting Scope - Nickle Marburg Supra 15 x 60

    Please post on the thread so we can all see them.
  8. Attaching Antler to Walking Stick

    Hi CO1. I've made a few simple sticks from Hazel. Only attached an antler to one and did as you plan to do. See photos. The joint is an interference fit. No glue needed. I drilled the antler 1st, then used a sander to create the spigot whilst rolling the stick. It squeaks as I fit them...
  9. What's the law

    No point asking folk on here. What's important is the opinion of your FLO. When you submit your notification of purchase, if they think you've broken the rules, they may report you. Ask them if it's ok. M
  10. Swarovski Rife Scope Refurbish

    Defiantly worth asking them the question. I recently email to ask if I could still buy a rubber eye cup for an old s/h 6 x42, a few days later one turned up in the post FOC. Fabulous. Apparently it was a good will gesture, as the scope was over 30 years old and thus outside its guarantee period...
  11. Police Scotland

    You are joking, right? It's an open forum. If you get a reply with sort/AC. Numbers, are you really going to transfer money to it? Email your FEO, ask them how to make payment. M
  12. Lost FAC for breaching Covid-19 regulations

    For me, the issue here is not specifically about "breaching Corvid regulations". It's part of a wider assessment, as whether an individuals actions have been such, that licensing authority no longer feel the person is fit to hold a firearms licence. See guidance below. So to compare your...
  13. US capital upheaval...

    We should not forget that 5 folk have die in this mess, and there is still a lot at stake in the US. Look at the mess Syria turned into and the yanks have been there before. Like the press in the UK, the US press have always used smoke and mirrors to favour their side, politicians do it to. I...
  14. Does a moderator baffle stack need to go on FAC?

    My understanding is that the law and the HO guidance is “quiet” on this specific question. So whilst you might get a FEO's opinion, that person’s opinion might be different to that of the next FEO. I would imagine FEOs would treat a spare baffle, a bit like an analogy with ammunition. You...
  15. Sold: 300 Weatherby Magnum

    Hi All. Does anyone know if Klenchblaize is ok? I am trying to buy the above from him. Ticket is back, and I've PM'd him with my mobile, but there's no response. Anyone know him personally? M.
  16. Swarovski Customer Service

    I can't. But it seems Swarovski can. Drop them an email. M
  17. Swarovski Customer Service

    Further to buying an old s/h 6x42 scope on here. I emailed Swarovski CS and asked if I could buy a replacement rubber eye cup? I thought you would all like to see the reply from Swarovski. Top firm. Happy New Year M ********************************** Hello thanks for the photos. Our UK...
  18. Sold: Schmidt and Bender 3-12x50 Klassik

    Hmm. I am not sure. It might be 3 new posts, started by you. Rather than "replies" to others post. I feel sure someone more knowledgeable about it will comment/confirm. A walm welcome anyway.
  19. The Crown - First Stalking Scene

    Come on Richard, I think you're over analysing it, it's a movie, not a open university science course. I can imagine some of HRHs thinking, "hang on a second,, that's not accurate" after seeing some of the other scenes.
  20. Sold: 300 Weatherby Magnum

    Hi K. The postman brought me this today. I've PM'd my phone number to you. Please get in touch.