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  1. Immediate loss of FAC if one of us?

    there's just no pleasing some folk
  2. Immediate loss of FAC if one of us?

    When I was a cop, I knew of two cases just in the first area I worked where people lost their FAC for being a few rounds over their limit, good enough for you?
  3. How many rounds to you take Stalking

    3 for the rifle and five spare in a leather cartridge holder which I bought from Cottis - that's what I take locally anyway, One or two Roe, Muntjac or Chinese Water deer is usually enough, and it leaves me spare rounds just in case of follow up or zero check On a trip to Scotland, or when going...
  4. A morning out.

    they don't so much browse as inhale their fodder! I suppose they lie up chewing the cud for long periods, do they? Great videos again
  5. Immediate loss of FAC if one of us?

    Of course I know the list, I was on it for a significant part of my life after all - as hinted to in my post above I don't disagree with much of what you say, having (as I said) been in uniform and not being above a bit of mistake-making at times either (never anything criminal I hasten to add)...
  6. Immediate loss of FAC if one of us?

    I have to side with Malc on this one, the system does seem to be unfair and loaded against the civilian FAC holder. We would be hammered for behaviours, actions or mistakes that would be swept under the carpet if they were the result of police or military personnel doing something they...
  7. Teen Vogue: Sleep is systemically rascist

    Andrew Doyle is a genius
  8. Shot question.

    Take the shot? Doubt I would have seen him at first :) :lol: He was clear for a few seconds though, so yeah, had I seen him & been good to go I'd have a crack at him - not going to claim I'd definitely hit him though, but I would have tried - if you don't put lead in the air then you've no...
  9. Signal Crayfish in W London

    Just about any waterway in West london has them, most/all gravel pits are full of them, certainly the pits around Hillingdon, Harefield etc are so full of them that the carp anglers have to use extra-hard boilies or they won't have a bait in the water for more than a few minutes Some of the...
  10. A Squirrel with the Plague

    There were two cases of "the plague" a couple of weeks back in central China and another recently in Mongolia - the latter suspected to be because a teenager consumed an undercooked Marmot, a delicacy in those parts
  11. Start of my Stags Article I wrote for my website

    Great write up, thanks for sharing
  12. Greens councillor disgusting behaviour

    Signed after I did a short google search on the scumbag in question. I rapidly found a photo of said individual and was unsurprised to see him complete with outfit & haircut more usually associated with the average student-aged "rebel without a clue" type Interestingly, in one photo he was...
  13. Cam lock bullet puller

    I've used a Hornady version with collets for .30 & .375 Not the simplest to set up initially, but when I got it going it was easy enough
  14. UK's 7th species....

    The old adage of "those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it's failures" could have been written with "rewilders" in mind They all seem to think that all that is needed is simply chuck a few long gone native species into a restricted space somewhere and let them crack on with it...
  15. Carcass Glut!

    Aye, an intersting read alright, thanks for sharing cos I would usually avoid the graudian like the plague
  16. Fly Fishing.

    Whatever you do, be careful to avoid becoming entangled in the net of fly-tying. Fly fishing is a great hobby and very relaxing too, so long as you don't catch the limititis bug - but fly-tying? that'll take over your life if you're not careful Get a decent instructor, one that comes...
  17. Trophy ban

    Aye, the crazy thing about it is that hunting & trophy fees can be used - in a properly managed set-up - to pay for maintenance, and even enhancement, of wildlife habitat It merely proves that those who don't understand or play the game shouldn't be allowed to write the rule book It seems that...
  18. Hobbies?? Deerstalking and.....

    I think that for most of us, annoyin the (our) missus is the ultimate hybrid of way-of-life/dangerous-sport
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